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DIY: Surprise Love Note

2nd September 2014

On your Sunshine Coast wedding day morning, wouldn’t it be lovely to surprise your beloved with a love note? Of course, a beautifully hand-written letter or poem would be beautiful. However, if all your best material is tied up in your personalised vows, or you just want to make a bit more of a statement, why not keep it short and simple… and big? 

Street art, or driveway art, even wall art can be achieved quite simply, inexpensively and perfectly temporarily and most importantly – legally. For the images you see below are not featuring spray paint, but spray chalk! So your surprise love note can make a big splash with your groom, and wash off with a splash of water. 

The actually spraying part is pretty easy to figure out on your own, of course, but the how-to tips for creating your own stencil with your beautiful words of love can be found over on Oh Happy Day.

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