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Emma Nayler | A-List Vendor Profile

26th July 2019

She's one of the Sunshine Coast's most popular wedding photographers, with 13 years of capturing lifelong memories with countless happy couples.

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13 years in the wedding industry has taught wedding photographer, Emma Nayler, an awful lot and she has developed some seriously beautiful and grounded feelings about what some may see as a superficial industry. It’s her wholehearted approach and calming nature that people are drawn to – that is after they’re first attracted by her stunning work. 

I first met Emma well before the birth of The Bride’s Tree. She was one of my first connections to the wedding industry, so when I came up with the idea for The Bride’s Tree, Emma was one of the very first people I sought out as a sounding board. Her support and positivity was a huge encouragement, so needless to say she’s a much adored member of our Bride’s Tree family. 

Emma was kind enough to share her wisdom, her fave spots on the Sunshine Coast to walk her two sausage dogs, and her surprising hobby interest that was almost her very different career! 

Scroll for a peek at some of Emma’s impressive work, and a special offer she has kindly extended to readers of The Bride’s Tree. 

Emma, do you work with a team or are you a one-woman show? 

It’s all me baby! I’m behind the screen emailing and doing all my own admin, editing, image selection, social media and marketing and on your wedding day I will be the one there snapping away! It’s hard and a lot more work than I think most people think it is, but I love all the different elements of running my business and would rather take less bookings and put my all into each one than to outsource things and lose the personal touch I like to think I give to each little thing in my business.


What is one unique service or offering or element that makes your business stand out from the crowd?

This is a hard one! Something I do hear from my couples time and time again is that I make people comfortable. They might come to me because they love the photos I take, but they stay and book because they feel good about working with me, and that it feels like they’re just hanging out with a friend.

In more practical terms, something that is a bit unique to me is that I don’t only just offer set hourly packages, because I don’t want my couples to try and cram their day into 4 or 6 or 8 hours. I allow a time frame for pre-ceremony photos and from there, depending on your chosen package, I’ll be along for the ride until either the start of the reception or the dance floor is pumping. I don’t want my couples watching the clock or worrying about me leaving before the first dance because things are running behind.

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You have a completely free day to hang out on the Sunshine Coast. Get out about! Where are you going, what are you doing and who are you with?

There are so many ways to spend a day on the Sunshine Coast, but if it’s a sunny weekday I’m likely spending the day at the beach getting some sunshine with my girlfriends and a cheese platter. If it’s a magical work free weekend, I’m walking my dogs at Golden Beach or Point Cartwright (both spots chosen for the high volume of doggos) with my husband and then going on a date night with him to Copperhead Brewery or il Vento for some incredible wood-fired scampi pizza.


Share something that’s interesting about you, or something a lot of people don’t know.
I’ve been a bit of a true crime buff since I was quite young – in grade 7 we were tasked with doing a project on an ‘infamous person’, and much to my teacher’s surprise I presented a very light account of the life of Charles Manson, with an accompanying hand drawn portrait of him. These days I have quite an interest in wrongful convictions and criminal psychology, which is what I had intended to study before I became a wedding photographer.

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What’s your prediction for 2019/2020 wedding trends? 
I don’t really pay a tonne of attention to trends in the wedding industry, but I do think a shift has been in motion for a while now towards creating a day that really celebrates who the couple are. No longer is the wedding industry geared solely towards “brides” and the idea of this fairytale event where the show runs perfectly every time. It’s about the couple, whether they are a bride and groom, or two brides and two grooms, and how they want to celebrate their commitment to be each other’s person forever. I’m hoping that continues more and more, because a wedding isn’t a performance, it’s a celebration, and if you let go of the expectations surrounding it and just do you, you’re gonna have a really good time. I’ll help you remember all of it – that’s my thing
Tell us about your history in your business and in the wedding industry.
2019 is my 13th year of photographing weddings! Every year there have been new challenges and things to learn about my business and weddings, and the industry is ever evolving. I’ve seen lots of trends and fads, and lots of people start in this industry and leave again because it really does take a certain type of person to stick it out in this business. I really hope that I get to do this for years to come and that my experience and who I am will continue to mean something to couples the way it has for the last 13 years!

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