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Sunshine Coast wedding photographer _ Graeme Passmore _ The Brides Tree

They say travel broadens your mind and makes you see things from an entirely new perspective. If that’s true – and I believe it is – it’s little wonder Graeme Passmore of Graeme Passmore Photography & Films has such a unique eye for photography. Graeme brings all his unique life experiences from being raised in the bush with a pet Dingo to walking across Spain to his craft.

Learning more about photographer and cinematographer Graeme was a real eye-opener in itself! Read on to find out more about his life adventures, predicted wedding trends, and how you can get in on an adventure of your own with Graeme…

What do your clients always say after working with you?

“Wow!” and “I can’t believe you captured all those moments!”, “I didn’t even notice you all day”, “All my friends & family are just raving about you”, “You’re such a gentleman”, “You were so professional & respectful” and “My grandma just loves you!” I actually get that last one a lot.

You have a completely free day on the Sunshine Coast. Where are you going? What are you doing? And who are you with?

Well I don’t want to give away all my secret spots! But I like to get off the beaten track that’s for sure. I like to pack plenty of snacks, along with my partner and cheeky little daughter, and hit the hills. A nice drive out into the country is often what I crave. I like to dabble in a bit of hiking.

Kenilworth is a great little stop as you drive out towards Conondale National Park to have a swim at Booloumba Creek. A beer and a game of pool at Kenilworth pub is a nice way to end the day.

If we are doing something dog-friendly then a nice little Sunday bike ride from Marcoola to Coolum and back with a bakery stop is also on the cards. We’d also take a few little swims at the gorgeous beaches along the coastline. Beach walks at Mudjimba North Shore and a surf is where you’ll often find me when free time calls.

Sunshine Coast wedding photographer _ Graeme Passmore _ The Brides Tree Sunshine Coast wedding photographer _ Graeme Passmore _ The Brides Tree

We heard you have an exciting new offering on the table. Please, do tell!

After my recent trip to the United States I’ve been inspired to offer Adventure Sessions. Just like an engagement shoot but for those a little more adventurous and looking for something epic and wild. I love working with clients who share an appreciation for beautiful landscapes and aren’t afraid to hike up a mountain, venture into a forest, or explore a secluded beach. We basically go hiking and exploring for half a day to capture some amazing images. You can find more info about my Adventure Sessions here.

Sunshine Coast wedding photographer _ Graeme Passmore _ The Brides Tree Sunshine Coast wedding photographer _ Graeme Passmore _ The Brides Tree

What’s trending in weddings in 2019?

This year I’ve actually got a few surprise weddings lined up which is pretty exciting. I’m noticing young couples decide to have smaller weddings, elopements and first looks, straying away from some of the traditions.

Have anything exciting planned this year?

Every year I take on a select few destination weddings. It’s a good way to refresh my work and mentally prepare for something different. Last year I was lucky enough to visit Western Australia, Ireland and the USA. This year I’ll be keeping it a little closer to home as I am now a responsible Dad, but I’ve got Phillip Island, Dubbo and Coffs Harbour in the books as we speak.

Go on, Graeme, share some interesting facts about you with us…

I probably have a few random facts I’m happy to share, the rest are better told over a beer. I was born and grew up on a National Park out in Alice Springs, NT. Probably why I still love the bush. I even had a pet Dingo. I’m well travelled and spent a fair bit of time living overseas, during that time I worked in a summer camp and looked after Hugh Hefner’s kids. I witnessed Hurricane Katrina firsthand, survived obviously. I walked across Spain. Literally walked from one side of the country to the other. I’m pretty handy on the golf course, I’m a killer at darts and I’m a bit of a red wine connoisseur.

Sunshine Coast wedding photographer _ Graeme Passmore _ The Brides Tree



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