Groom Fashion | Suits for a Spring Wedding

qz11_blue_w-paneIf there’s one time of the year groom fashion can lean towards being a little more innovative, it’s Spring. With the sun shining – but not scorching – there’s room to take trendy and cool in a fun direction with a creative use of colour and prints, as well as fashion-forward finishes. It’s the season for throwing in a cheeky colourful pocket square or funky bow tie. 

One of Australia’s leading men’s fashion labels, Politix, offers a vast selection of suits appropriate for our warm Springtime here on the Sunshine Coast. Politix is renowned for quality, classic cuts and contemporary detailing. 

Top 5 Tips for the Spring Groom (or any groom, really)

1. Dress for the Season 

Discard the vest. This isn’t the time of year for a 3-piece suit. Don’t even consider a Morning Coat. Again this creates unnecessary heat. Go for lightweight, breathable fabrics, like the new flattering Stretch range from Politix, designed for comfort

2. Be unique with your details. 

It’s nice to choose something that sets you apart from your groomsmen, whether it’s a different colour tie, pocket square or boutonniere, or even an entirely different colour suit. Try to maintain some continuity, though – perhaps the same colour shoes and belt, or the same check. 

3. Consult your bride. In fact, give her final say. It’s just easier this way. 

You’re not allowed to see her dress, but there’s nothing stopping her giving the go-ahead (or let’s face it, vetoing) yours! In fact it’s for this very reason that her dress is under wraps that you need her guidance on your attire. You want to make sure you are dressing to complement her, and keep up with the level of formality set by her dress. 

4. Steam. Polish. Tuck. Remove. 

Steam your suit and shirt. Polish your shoes. Tuck in your shirt and make sure your tie, bow tie ends and pocket square are tucked away as they should be. Remove all tags from your clothing, sunglasses from your face or head, and anything at all from your pockets. Oh, and you could probably stand to clean under your nails and have a shave and a trim while you’re at it. 

5. Have your suit tailored to fit you perfectly. 

Consult the salesperson in store, or clothing chart online, and even then take your suit to a tailor to make any alterations required. Even if it’s a minimal hemming, trust me it will be worth it for that well-put-together polished look you can admire in your photos for years to come. Nobody likes bunching suit legs. 

Below are some gorgeous options for grooms and groomsmen for Spring by Politix

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qz15w_navy-check qz34_navy_ps rz02_grey-wp rz07_blackdobbie rz09_bonedobby 

Take a peek through the Spring Racing range from Politix for some great men’s formalwear options for a Spring/Summer wedding. 





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