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Gift Guide for Your Groom

6th August 2018

Make him feel all loved up with one of these incredible wedding day gift ideas.


Helicopter flight groom gift

You want to show him just how much he means to you by finding something he will know you put a lot of thought into. If you’re drawing a blank on a gift for your groom, I’m sure you will find something here. I’ve found something for every budget – yes, even a grand total of nada. 

Our Gift for Groom Guide is in collaboration with our friends over at Groomology, who cater to – you guessed it – grooms! They will be publishing a guide for what to gift the bride on their wedding day morning. Make sure you check it out and send your betrothed there for some good ideas on how to spoil you. 

Arrival in Style

If your venue allows, you could give your groom a wedding day gift he will never forget – and never expect – by sending him and his groomsmen a helicopter to take them to the ceremony! Executive Helicopters have a fleet for hire here on the Sunshine Coast. 

A Cool Experience 

From Racing a V8 Supercar or jet skiing to swimming with dolphins or horse riding, there are thrilling experiences to get anybody’s heart pumping on Red Balloon. Search by location or type of experience to find the adventure/cultural/pamper/foodie/getaway – or just about any other kind you can think of – gift of your groom’s dreams. 

Red Balloon offers experiences and gifts all over the world, so you’re sure to find something suitable in your local area, or something he can enjoy in your honeymoon location! 

Star Map The Night Sky

The Night Sky 

If he’s a romantic, you will knock his socks off with a custom created print of The Night Sky. You choose the exact date and time you want represented in his print, and they will print it for you. Be it the night you met, when you or he proposed, your first date, or any other moment that’s special to the two of you. 

A custom star map print will set you back AUD$75.00 

Big Boy Toy 

Boys love their toys, that’s for dang sure. Brand new bike? Kayak, stand-up paddle board, set of golf clubs, the latest football boot release – only you will know what your guy is into and what would make his day. 

If you’ve got a surfie on your hands, head up to Glass – Coffee House & Surf Gallery, where you can enjoy a nice lunch as you put in an order for a custom board. You will win Best Wife Ever no contest! 


For today’s techie, there is nothing cooler than a VR (virtual reality) headset. The technology is leaping ahead, and right now you can pick up a headset from VR Sets for as little as $49.00, ranging way up to $1000.00+.  Sunshine-Coast-Wedding-Photographer-Elk-Fir-Boudoir shoot

Boudoir Shoot Album

Be daring and have a secret boudoir shoot with Elk + Fir. Your groom will be speechless when he’s presented with a wrapped album full of his sexy husband or wife-to-be as he’s never seen you before! 

Watch – engraved with message and wedding date



The Gift of Whiskey 

If your hubby-to-be enjoys a nice splash of amber goodness, he will be well impressed by a curated gift by Wildwood Studio, themed entirely with whiskey-related products. For the Love of Whiskey, $350 

Wine Time

For the vino lovers, a nice bottle of Australian wine you can share later on a cosy night in. Try Verdun Park Wines 2010 Albert Arthur Shiraz, AUD$37.00  or 2016 Lyla Sauvignon Blanc, or one of their mixed six packs, $159.95

Craft Beer Box

Something to share with the boys before the wedding he will really enjoy is a box of mixed craft beer. You can handpick the exact beers you want in your box at Crafty Brew, or choose one of their mystery boxes from AUD$65.00

The CabanasLuxe Poolside Cabana Day

Your groom will love being spoiled as much as you will with your own private poolside cabana at The Cabanas Noosa. Included in the experience is a fresh fruit platter, refreshing still and sparkling water, and your own personal butler. “Another cocktail, Jeeves!” 

Your Cabana booking is for up to four people, so you can have some alone time, or take your besties along for a day of fun in the sun. 

Monogrammed Wallet

Something to keep forever, and every time he takes it out, he will think of you and your special day. The Daily Edited will monogram his initials on a quality black, brown, or navy leather wallet, AUD$109.95.

Love Notes

When the budget has been stretched as far as it can go, there’s always a true gift from the heart to the rescue. Write a bunch of short love notes to your one and only, and place them in a box or jar that he can savour, opening them over time. 

If you’re unsure of what to write, here are a few prompts… 

“I love it when you say…” 

“When you/I proposed I felt…” 

“The first time I saw you…” 

“I feel most proud of you when…” 

“When we’re old, I know we will…” 

“I can’t wait to share… with you.” 

“My biggest dream for us is…” 

“Being with you makes me feel…” 

If nothing else, you can always shake the notes under his nose if you ever need to soften him! *wink wink*