Happy Christmas from The Bride’s Tree

There are a few reasons why we named this here beautiful website The Bride's Tree. We saw our site becoming firm, strong standing fixture in the Sunshine Coast wedding industry, that branches out, creating networks, all interconnected.

When I picture The Tree this thought represents, it has a beautiful tall, thick trunk, with long branches, like the ones you could really climb and swing off and build treehouses upon without fear of breaking any boughs and ending up like an ill-fated babe in a cradle. It has large light and dark leaves in rich greens, and also tiny, sweet green, yellow, and sunset-coloured ones that are always falling on anything below, making the tree itself always seem alive and full of movement and prettying the world below.

When the wind blows, our tree doesn't sway. It remains strong and beautiful, and when you look at it, you know it will always be there, no matter what. Ever growing, ever producing beautiful leaves, branching out and littering the people and ground below with prettiness. 

That's the imaginings in our minds. The other side to our name is that we happened upon a lovely German tradition, whereby a bride and groom are gifted a set of Christmas Tree ornaments to hang upon their first Christmas tree as a married couple and thereafter. Each of the 12 ornaments represents an area of life, and combined make for a happy and successful marriage. They are as follows: 


A HEART symbolises true love.

A FLOWER BASKET symbolises good wishes.

A RABBIT represents hope and faith, and peace with nature.

A TEAPOT represents hospitality.

A PINE CONE represents motherhood and fruitfulness, eternity and fertility.

A SANTA represents sharing, unselfishness and goodwill.

A HOUSE represents shelter and protection for the family home.

A FRUIT BASKET symbolises generosity and abundance.

A BIRD represents happiness and The Holy Spirit. If the bird is in a nest, it’s also a sign of confidence in the home.

A FISH represents Christ’s blessing and fertility.

An ANGEL or CHURCH is a symbol of God’s guidance in the home.

A ROSE is a symbol of beauty and affection. A yellow rose symbolises faithfulness in marriage. 

We think this is a lovely gift idea for a bride and groom. Especially ones who are being married around Christmas time. 

To our lovely brides-to-be, and our new wedding industry friends, we wish you a very happy and safe Christmas. Have love, have joy, have presents galore. Lots of love and best cold cut lunch, sweet Queensland sunshine thoughts go out to each and every one of you. From Sally and Jenny, The Bride's Tree gals xo 


Hi, I’m Sally, Founder and Editor of The Bride’s Tree. Over the past 13 years I’ve written thousands of articles about all things wedding from tips and trends to etiquette and ideas. On this blog I bring you the best of Sunshine Coast and Brisbane weddings.