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How To Choose Your Dressmaker

2nd May 2012


Ooh! It’s time to choose your dressmaker, because you have a specific design in mind and you just can’t seem to find it on a rack! Or perhaps you simply need your beautiful dress you purchased in a boutique or online to be altered to perfection.

But where to start? You don’t know any dressmakers or seamstresses and you wouldn’t know where to even start looking. Never fear, The Bride’s Tree is here! We have a number of these super talented people in our Supplier Directory, so look there first.


If you don’t speak the dressmaker language, like most of us, you won’t even know what to ask when you get your potential dressmakers on the phone. Luckily, we have put together this fail-proof list of questions to ask, so you cover all bases.

Are you available to make my dress?

How long have you been a wedding dressmaker for?

How many wedding dresses have you made?

Can you show me pictures of wedding dresses you have made?

Do you have any suggestions on dress styles that will compliment my body shape?

How long will it take to make my dress?

How many fittings will be required?

Are the fittings included in your fee?

How far in advance to I need to book fittings?

Should I bring my shoes and jewellery to my first fitting appointment?

How long before my wedding will the last fitting appointment be?

Do you have a price list?

Will you offer a discount if I also have my bridesmaids’ dresses made by you?

Am I expected to pay upfront or can I pay a deposit with the final amount owing due when the dress is completed?

When is final payment required?

How should I care for my wedding dress to ensure it is in pristine condition on my wedding day?

These questions are conveniently laid out for you with space to record your answers and any additional comments in our Planning Tools section here.


Your chosen dressmaker/seamstress will appreciate your open communication when it comes to your design. They want you to be happy with your dresses, and to recommend their service to your friends, so don’t be afraid to tell them if you think they are heading in a direction with your wedding dress that is not what you had envisaged.

It is also imperative you turn up for all of your fittings at the designated time, as these talented people often have a lot of work to do for your wedding and others’, so they don’t have time to waste waiting for brides to show up.

Lastly, enjoy the process. This is your dress for your big day, it’s going to be so much fun! 

Image by Chesterton Smith Photography