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Jessica Gale | A-List Vendor Profile

6th August 2019

Jess is her name and wedding stationery is her game. Meet the creator behind these fresh and whimsical designs brides and grooms are going crazy for.

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Her business name is her through and through. The first thing you will notice when you meet Jessica Gale is how perfectly petite she is! As they say, good things come in small packages – so this name and sentiment is very fitting for her stationery business, Little J Designs

Jess is a one-woman-show, designing her gorgeous paper morsels while maintaining her full time job. From the outside looking in, you may not realise this, because Jess is such a pocket rocket, her energy for her business is never ending. 

She started out as an intern for Cosmopolitan Magazine, then moved on to working in events in London before falling in love with weddings. 

We took some time to get to know Jessica a little better by quizzing her about her business and all her local faves… 

Okay Jess, the important things first. You have a completely free day to hang out on the Sunshine Coast. Get out about! Where are you going, what are you doing and who are you with?
Oh gosh doesn’t this sound wonderful! I’d start by having breakfast with one of my best friends at a cute cafe. She’s like walking sunshine, so there’s no better way to start the day. I’d so love to venture to some markets and wander around (perhaps take home a new leafy plant!), have some lunch, and then finish the day off with a dip in the ocean.


Jess, tell me about how you got into the wedding industry. 
I started getting interested in the wedding industry just after I left university. I actually thought I really wanted to get my dream job in a magazine and did some work experience at Cosmopolitan Magazine! But it just wasn’t for me. Then a close friend took me with her to second shoot a small wedding with her and the wedding fever hit me hard! I jumped feet first into designing wedding stationery and have loved it ever since!
What did you do before working in the wedding industry?
I previously have worked in the retail sector mostly. But when I moved to London in 2015 I worked in at the Berkley Hotel in the events department. We did everything from corporate events to weddings to crazy bar mitzvah’s! It really showed me how much I love all the details that go into wedding and events.pier33-styledshoot-67LJD-78 LITTLEJ-image
What’s the latest news from Little J Designs?

I have recently changed the packages I offer to my couples. I’ve added in some of the finer details that people are loving and also simplified a few for the couple just wanting to cover the basics.

What do your happy clients always say after having worked with you?
That they are absolutely in love with my designs! It truly makes me so happy when I hit the nail on the head. I often get told that my design style is fresh and modern, but with my own unique twist of whimsical!