Jessica loves Eli | Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding

Gorgeous couple and parents to three beautiful boys, Jessica and Eli, celebrated their love in a Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding. Being Toowoomba locals, they wanted to find a venue that had it all with no need to travel elsewhere. It was an easy choice. 

Some brides have a reception dress change, but bride Jess decided instead to have a reception hair change. And I’m not talking going from an upstyle to a downstyle – she actually allowed her new hubby to cut off her long locks so she could enter the reception a whole new – married – woman! 

Jessica has kindly shared her Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding story with us below – including where she found her bridesmaids’ dresses for just $59 online! Read on and have a scroll through the images by one of our favourite wedding photographers, Graeme Passmore





Florist & Stylist | POSSUM & BLOOM




Entertainment | THE NICK TROVAS BAND



Wedding Night Accommodation | MODERN LUXURY AIRBNB


Our Biggest Wedding Priority

“Making sure we locked in a wedding venue that was comprehensive (food, drinks, ceremony, reception, dance floor, seating, tableware, etc, all in one place) We didn’t want to have to coordinate all of those vendors or move locations on the day.”

Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding

“Our venue being local to us in Toowoomba, ticked all the boxes. The package included so much, which took the stress out of the planning stage. Gabbinbar is also the most magical, and beautiful place I have ever seen. We toured it first, I fell in love with the pavilion as a ceremony spot, and it was booked in very quickly.”

Stand-out Wedding Vendors 

“We were beyond thrilled by everything on the day. We definitely have to shout out to our photographer, Graeme Passmore for bringing the fun atmosphere with him, and to Gabbinbar staff for truly taking care of the little details as well as keeping the day on track.”

Emotions Ran High

“The walk down the aisle was certainly emotional, and I had prepped hard for this. But, the speeches and my dance with my dad got the tears flowing!
“I will never forget anything. Our day was the stuff of dreams. My younger brother passed away extremely suddenly four days following our wedding, and I will be forever grateful that he was a part of our day.”


Wedding Secrets

Biggest splurge: Photography and food (which is why we chose Gabbinbar). Have to have good quality photos to remember the day forever, and have to have good food as this is what guests always walk away talking about. 

Best bargain/money saving decision: Bridesmaid dresses were purchased for $59 on The Iconic, and to repurpose flowers from the ceremony to the reception. 

Wedding dress: Brides of Toowoomba

Jewellery: Kellective by Nikki

Bride’s shoes: Forever Soles

Groom’s attire: Ferrari Formalwear Toowoomba 

Groom’s belt and boots: RM Williams

Bridesmaids’ dresses: SNDYS Gold Skin Dress from The Iconic

Bridesmaids’ shoes: Kmart – all the girls loved them and they were a bargain!

Page boys’ attire: Dark Horse from Suit Lab

Flowergirl dresses: Wonderland Tutu Dress from Coco Blush Children’s Boutique

Honeymoon: Hamilton Island

Number of guests: 55

Wedding budget set: $40k

Actual cost of wedding: $50k



How We Met

We met through a friend (who Eli was dating at the time) and we instantly clicked. When their relationship ended, it was impossible to ignore our connection.

The Proposal 

“I booked a fancy weekend away to Noosa Heads for Eli’s birthday, and he stole the show by proposing to me while we were there. It was after dinner, right on the boardwalk, and I was completely surprised! We almost didn’t get to go away, as our eldest son was really unwell in the days before we were due to leave. Luckily, we made it!”

Why We Got Married

“Eli is simply my best friend, and I can always be myself with him. He’s just the best! We’ve been together for almost 14 years, lived through our fair share of ups and downs, welcomed three beautiful boys into our life, and I couldn’t imagine being without him.”


One Thing I Would Do Differently If I Could Do The Day Again

I would make sure I spent a little more time with our guests, move about the reception a little more.

One Thing I’d Never Change For The World

Our dance with our 3 beautiful boys and my husband cutting my long hair off before reception.

Advice for Future Brides

I know everyone says it, but, everything works out on the day. It just does!



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