Lights, Camera, “I Do”: 11 Wedding Movies to Watch to Get You In The Mood

Photo by Edward Eyer

Planning your wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming. Sometimes, you need a little inspiration to get into the right mindset for your own big day. And a little reminder that it’s supposed to be fun! What better way to do that than by watching some heartwarming and romantic wedding movies? Here are 10 wedding movies that will have you saying “I do” to love, laughter, and happily ever afters.


1. “Mamma Mia!” (2008)

Kicking things off with the ultimate fun wedding flick. Visually gorgeous, the story is set on the Greek Island of Kalokairi and stars some of the most compelling women and handsome men on the Silver Screen. Follow bride-to-be Sophie as she tries to uncover the identity of her father before her wedding, all while her mother’s past comes back to charm and complicate things. All, of course, set to the soundtrack of ABBA’s back catalogue. What’s not to love? You can even find this sing-a-long version of Mamma Mia!, which would be a great Hen’s Weekend activity! 


2. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” (2002)

This hilarious and heartwarming film follows Toula, a Greek-American woman, as she navigates the complexities of her loud and loving family while planning her wedding to a non-Greek man. It’s a celebration of love, culture, and the joy of bringing families together. And there’s a whole movie franchise to continue on with – we love that.



3. “Ever After” (1998)

While the movie itself is a wonderful watch, it’s the reveal of our heroin in her white gown at the end that sets our hearts soaring. “Just breathe”… I mean, is there a more satisfying moment in movie history?! This enchanting retelling of the Cinderella story stars Drew Barrymore as Danielle, a spirited young woman who captures the heart of a prince. Set in Renaissance-era France, this romantic drama is filled with fairy-tale charm, witty banter, and a love story that transcends class boundaries.


4. “The Wedding Singer” (1998)

Set in the 1980s, this romantic comedy stars Adam Sandler as a wedding singer who falls for a charming waitress played by Drew Barrymore. With its nostalgic soundtrack and heartwarming story, it’s the perfect movie to get you in the mood for some wedding day romance. If you enjoy a classic 90’s Adam Sandler movie with a healthy dose of silliness, this is the one for you. 


5. “27 Dresses” (2008)

Katherine Heigl stars as Jane, a perpetual bridesmaid who has dedicated her life to helping others plan their perfect weddings. But when she meets a charming reporter who sees her as more than just a bridesmaid, Jane must confront her own feelings about love and marriage. This film is really quite fun, and stars a woman who was cancelled for not being a Hollywood doormat and standing up for herself – how very dare she *eyeroll*. This wedding movie will give you a new appreciation for your own bridesmaids! 


6. “The Proposal” (2009)

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds star in this romantic comedy about a demanding boss who forces her assistant to marry her in order to avoid deportation. As they navigate a fake engagement and a trip to meet his family, they find themselves falling for each other for real. I love this one for the older woman/younger man element that we see too little of in film, the dreamy lakeside setting, and of course that iconic Betty White scene chanting in the forrest. RIP you absolute Queen! 


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7. “My Best Friend’s Wedding” (1997)

They don’t make them like they used to! Julia Roberts is in her peak Rom Com Queen era, starring as a woman who realises she’s in love with her best friend when he announces his engagement to someone else. Cameron Diaz is adorable as the starry-eyed bride-to-be and Rupert Everett is the gorgeous gay bestie we all need in moments like these. With a mix of humor, heartache, and unexpected twists, this film explores the complexities of friendship, love, and the choices we make when faced with the prospect of losing the ones we care about most. 


8. “Crazy Rich Asians” (2018)

Experience the extravagant world of Singapore’s elite in this romantic comedy-drama about love, family, and cultural identity. When Rachel Chu accompanies her boyfriend to his best friend’s wedding, she discovers just how crazy and complicated love can be when you’re crazy rich. This wedding movie is a complete escape into the fantasy of a level of abundance the vast majority of us will never otherwise experience. It’s visually exciting and fast-paced – a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend 121 minutes. 


9. “Love, Actually” (2003)

Not just a Christmas movie, while there’s a little debate about whether Love, Actually has a few too many problematic themes for a 2024 audience, I think when you watch it through your 2023 lens there’s still so much to enjoy. This beloved romantic comedy intertwines the stories of several characters as they navigate the complexities of love during the holiday season. From newlyweds to unrequited crushes, this film captures the beauty and chaos of love in all its forms. Of course it kicks off with that iconic church wedding scene we simply can’t beat.



10. “Bridesmaids” (2011)

The one to watch when you need a good laugh. This one has some good examples of what not to do… for example, maybe don’t go for spicy food before dress shopping! When her best friend, Lillian, gets engaged, Annie is chosen as her maid of honour. However, Annie’s attempts to fulfill her duties are constantly derailed by her own personal and professional failures, as well as by the presence of Lillian’s new wealthy and glamorous friend, Helen. The speeches are only outdone by the final scene with a cameo by Wilson Phillips singing that banger we all know and love. 


11. “Father of the Bride” (1991)

I’ve saved my hands-down all-time favourite for last. This wedding movie reminds me of my childhood. For a long time I really thought lacey white sneakers were the epitome of wedding style, and live swans and ice sculptures were wedding day must-haves. Steve Martin portrays a father who struggles to come to terms with his daughter’s impending wedding. This classic comedy is full of touching moments and laugh-out-loud scenes that capture the emotional rollercoaster of planning a wedding from a parent’s perspective. Franc, the wedding planner, played by Martin Short is an absolute icon.


Whether you’re deep into wedding planning or just dreaming about your future big day, these wedding movies are sure to inspire, entertain, and fill your heart with love. So grab some popcorn, snuggle up with your partner, and get ready to say “I do” to a movie marathon filled with romance and laughter.

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