Meet Judy Copley Couture | A Film by Jensen & Young

Judy Copley Couture from Jensen & Young on Vimeo.

When we first met Judy Copley, the woman behind Judy Copley Couture, we were stunned by two things: First, her magical bridal gowns that sat in various states of completion in her home studio, which could only be described as a creative feat of epic proportions obviously crafted with the utmost love and care. Second the humble woman who sat before us was the sweetest, most genuine and delightful human being we had ever had the pleasure of meeting. 

Five years on we have seen much growth from Judy in her brand with wild success and the addition of accessories and robes to her designs, but absolutely no variation from that wonderfully kind nature we encountered on Day One. 

Having moved on from working from home, she now designs her gowns in a sprawling studio filled with cutting tables and mannequins, living the dream of a designer with celebrity commissions, awards and international shows. 

Much of her success is attributed to her untamed approach to design. She works with her clients to come up with an actual real life dream, not allowing for any limitations. 

Judy Copley isn’t following any rules in garment creation. She’s just allowing herself to shine, and that in itself is as beautiful as her coveted gowns. You can see this clearly in the film above by Jensen & Young


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