Megan and Mathew’s Kenilworth Wedding


Megan and Mat had a very specific theme in mind for their Sunshine Coast country wedding at Kenilworth Homestead. Their vision of a rustic, country feel with a 1950s vintage twist was made come true with lots of DIY – in fact, six carloads full of projects! 

After 11 months of careful planning, dance lessons, and crafternoons galore, they pulled off their dream wedding. Life and Love Photography and Jasper & Ruby were both there to capture all the memorable moments. 



Megan_Mat_Life&LovePhotography_0011 Megan_Mat_Life&LovePhotography_0004

“We met a few weeks after I had an awful break up and finding a boy was the last thing on my mind. My girlfriend, Sal, dragged me out of the house and told me it was time to stop moping. She took me to a small house party just us and four guys so I could meet the guy she was keen on. Turns out Mat was one of those boys. Months went by and Mat held my hand as I got back on my feet and was my shoulder to cry on. One day it just hit me that this guy was the kind of person I wanted to be with. We started officially dating in July 2007 and the rest is history.”



“For planning and inspiration I went to bridal expos, used EasyWeddings, Polkadot Bride, Hello May and of course The Bride’s Tree!” Megan_Mat_Life&LovePhotography_0006 Megan_Mat_Life&LovePhotography_0007

“The rain held off until when our ceremony was about to start at 2pm. I was standing with my dad and bridesmaids getting ready to walk down the grassy aisle when it started raining. My dad, Chris, turned to me and told me not to worry he could tell the rain was just about to pass. Surely enough two minutes waiting undercover the rain passed and I walked down the aisle perfectly dry. My dad told me at the ceremony that he was lying and had no idea if the rain was going to pass, but it was his job to look after me and keep me calm.”Megan_Mat_Life&LovePhotography_0008 Megan_Mat_Life&LovePhotography_0009 Megan_Mat_Life&LovePhotography_0010

“I reached out to my female friends and family to contribute a brooch for my brooch bouquet. My bridesmaids and I shared pinterest boards and planned my bridal shower. My mum and bridesmaids came dress shopping and came over and helped with DIY decorations on “craft days” which consisted of drinks, nibbles and crafting.” Megan_Mat_Life&LovePhotography_0013 Megan_Mat_Life&LovePhotography_0014 Megan_Mat_Life&LovePhotography_0015

“Mat forgot the suspenders and bow ties for the groomsman but they still looked great and no one but us knew.”

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“We are complete opposites but share core values and a love of sport! Mat is a laid back country guy and I am a high strung city girl. I am the gas and Mat is the breaks. We balance each other perfectly. We share a love for good food, travel and spending time with family and friends.”

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“We put a high level of importance on creating a unique and personal day which meant lots of research and lots of DIY.”


“Before dinner we had one and a half hours of canapés and for dessert we had a lolly buffet and cake in a jar instead of plated wedding cake.”Megan_Mat_Life&LovePhotography_0023

Wedding Secrets

Biggest splurge: Venue + videography

Best bargain: Ceremony dress was only $504

Bridal gown: Ceremony Dress by Maggie Sottero, Reception Dress by Roz La Kelin with significant modifications

Accessories: Preowned

Shoes: Kitten D’Amour

Bridesmaid dresses: Etsy

Bridesmaids’ accessories: Necklaces by Argyle Jewellers

Groom’s suit and shoes: Studio 196

Groomsmens’ suits and shoes: Ed Harry

Jewellery: Megan’s engagement ring was an antique purchased from Brisbane Antique Imperium, made by Penfolds. Megan’s wedding stone was cut by her grandpa Maurie and set by Argyle Jewellers. Megan’s eternity band was made to fit by Argyle Jeweller with two small leaves which will include the birthstones of our kids later down the line. Mat’s ring was from Michael Hill.

DIY: We did lots of DIY and had six car loads of things which we provided ourselves for the big day including all our own cutlery, plates, glassware etc. We did a DIY photo booth, sanded and varnished wood slices for the centrepieces, cut our own hessian runners and bunting, chalkboard painted EVERYTHING and made lots of signs ourselves. I made the bridesmaids origami bouquets and my brooch bouquet.

Number of guests: 60

Wedding budget: $25,000


Megan & Mat // Kenilworth Homestead // Short Wedding Film from Jasper & Ruby Visions on Vimeo.


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