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Emma loves Michael | Mooloolaba Surf Club Wedding

4th July 2016

Local couple Emma and Michael began their marriage by the calm waters of Mooloolaba Spit, a place that holds special meaning for them.

Emma & Michael_484

Mooloolaba Spit Parklands is a special place for local couple, Emma and Michael. It’s both the place they first said those three little words to one another, and it’s the special spot Michael chose to propose. So it seemed only fitting for the pair to be married there. 

Their 60 closest family and friends came together to witness the couple’s vows in an elegant rustic ceremony with a view of the calm waters. Afterwards, they went on a short tour of the area for their photos together. Choosing not to have any attendants for their wedding was an easy choice for Emma and Michael, saying it saved both money and drama, keeping the focus on what really mattered – their love and union of marriage. 

Once the formalities were done, it was time for a celebration with great food, music and dancing at their wedding reception with all their guests at The Surf Club Mooloolaba.

Janneke Storm was Emma and Michael’s dream photographer, who captured breathtaking memories of their Mooloolaba Surf Club wedding.Emma & Michael_060Emma & Michael_016 Emma & Michael_028 Emma & Michael_049 “My advice is to remember that the bride sets the tone for the day – be calm, be happy and soak it all in as it really does come and go too quickly.” Emma & Michael_095Emma & Michael_134 Emma & Michael_139 Emma & Michael_141  “Going dress shopping with my mum will definitely be a moment that I’ll cherish forever. My dress was actually the first one I had tried on, and as they say ‘when you know, you know’.”Mooloolaba wedding _The Bride's Tree_1.14Emma & Michael_180“We held our ceremony at Mooloolaba Spit Parklands – it was the same spot where we shared our first ‘I love yous’ and where Michael popped the question, so it only felt natural to get married there, too.”Emma & Michael_217 Emma & Michael_222 Mooloolaba wedding _The Bride's Tree_1.19“We chose not to have a bridal party, but still involved the people closest to us in special ways leading up to and on the day. It’s a decision we made right from the start as we really just wanted the day to be about us and our love for each other, and we also didn’t want to put our friends and loved ones on a hierarchy.”Emma & Michael_289 Emma & Michael_296 “It was beautiful and sunny up until half an hour before our ceremony when a storm appeared on the radar and it was heading straight for Mooloolaba, and fast! But something, someone, somewhere was certainly looking after us that day as the storm miraculously changed direction at the very last minute, and completely missed us. It made for the most beautiful backdrop, and we’ve even had guests tell us that there was a clap of thunder as we kissed!”Emma & Michael_319 Mooloolaba wedding _The Bride's Tree_1.18“Not having a bridal party left a few gaps that needed to be filled but without having to ask, we had close friends ensure our day and the lead up to it was flawless.”Emma & Michael_401 Emma & Michael_410 “We met through work nearly seven years ago.”Mooloolaba wedding _The Bride's Tree_1.1Emma & Michael_411 Emma & Michael_416 Mooloolaba wedding _The Bride's Tree_1.12Emma & Michael_433 

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Emma & Michael_484Emma & Michael_495 Emma & Michael_497 Emma & Michael_505 Emma & Michael_524 “It is funny how all the detailed planning fades on the day to a whirlwind of emotion and fun. It really was the best day ever. I got to marry my best friend, nothing could ever get in the way of that.”Mooloolaba wedding _The Bride's Tree_1.11Emma & Michael_525 Emma & Michael_534 Emma & Michael_554 Emma & Michael_568 Emma & Michael_570 Emma & Michael_595 “Michael and I met just after some pretty tragic events occured in both our lives. It’s times like these that you are reminded about how short life can be and how precious it really is, so we really work hard to ensure we make the most of each day and cherish the special little moments in-between the big milestones.”Emma & Michael_596 Emma & Michael_600Emma & Michael_633 Mooloolaba wedding _The Bride's Tree_1.13Emma & Michael_699  “We had an amazing three-course meal. Having good food and plenty of it was important. Let’s just say my husband’s second love is food and he was keen to get this right.”Mooloolaba wedding _The Bride's Tree_1.15Emma & Michael_623

Wedding Secrets

Biggest splurge: Our honeymoon in Hawaii

Best money-saver: Not having a bridal party saved a heap of money (and drama!)

Bridal gown: Allure Bridals from Odyssey in Chermside

Shoes: Sachi

Groom’s suit and shoes: yd.

Rings: Custom-made by Australian Diamond Network


DIY: none

Honeymoon: Hawaii

Number of guests: 60

Mooloolaba wedding _The Bride's Tree_1.16Emma & Michael_887

Photographer: Janneke Storm | Venue: The Surf Club Mooloolaba | Florist: Little Duck Botanicals | Cake: TOME | Makeup Artist: Sally Townsend Makeup Artistry | Hair Stylist: Elenbi Maroochydore | Decorators: Love Bird Weddings | Entertainment: Marty Sima | Celebrant: Karen Faa | Wedding Night Accommodation: Sea Pearl Resort Mooloolaba


Thank you for supporting our A-List Vendors, who helped to make Emma and Michael’s beautiful wedding day happen… 


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