Organic Home-grown Bridesmaid Gifts


If you’re anything like me, finding the perfect gift for someone you adore with all your little heart is as much fun as can be had without actually being the one opening the gift. When it comes to weddings, there are many opportunities for gift-giving (and receiving!) and none are more fun to imagine than that of gifting your best girls with something gorgeous to convey just how grateful you are for them.

Gift the Girls

Your bridesmaids will be there to love and support you throughout your wedding-planning journey from the first squeal of, “I’m getting married!” where they jump up and down with you and immediately start planning your dress, their dress, the best bridal shower the world has ever seen. To taking a few deep breaths with you and dabbing your tears so as not to disturb your makeup before you head down the aisle. It’s an important job, and you have just a few special people in your life you can imagine are up to the task – so spoiling them a little is a must.

Enter The Wholesome Gift Box, a Sunshine Coast-based business run by Sarah Watts, who has taken her knack for giving the perfect gift to a new level. Better yet, all Sarah’s gifts are hand-picked healthy, organic, and from home-grown Australian brands.

I noticed a while back that when I gifted my girlfriends something organic or gorgeous, something that they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves, they absolutely loved it.” Sarah says of the inspiration behind her curated gift boxes.


I Said Yes Gift

The first opportunity to gift your bridesmaids is when you ask them to be your bridesmaid, and it adds a little ceremony to the occasion. Get together for lunch or invite them over for a few cheeky drinks and present them with an irresistible package from The Wholesome Gift Box and card asking them to be part of your bridal party. Tears will flow, as will the champagne!

Bridesmaid gift boxes start from $55.00 and free shipping is available Australia-wide. Luxury natural products fit for pampering are beautifully packaged by The Wholesome Gift Box, so all you need to do is choose a gift tag and present the perfect package for the occasion.

Personalised Gifts

See a little of this and a little of that box you love? Create Your Own gift box to give a truly personalised gift. Fill your box with a selection of clay masks, bath salts, perfume, notebooks, keep cups, sweet treats and more.

Thank You Gifts

On the day of your wedding, it’s customary to present your bridesmaids with a gift to say thank you for being there for you on your most special of days. Any of The Wholesome Gift Box bridesmaid gifts would make your gal pals feel appreciated.

Sarah knows just how much being thought of can mean, “My passion with The Wholesome Gift Box is to give women the opportunity to send healthy, natural, and gorgeous gifts easily to show another important woman in their lives that they are thought of, cared about, and loved.”

These gift boxes also work for mothers, and special friends who might have lent a hand with your wedding planning or taken on tasks on the day.

If there are special wedding vendors you’ve connected with who have gone above and beyond for you in helping your day being the dream you imagined, you may like to give them a little something special, too. You’ll definitely make their day!


Perfectly Packaged

It’s a very Sunshine Coast – and for that matter, Australian – sensibility to go for natural, healthy, organic and – yes, wholesome – choices in our homes and food consumption. Why should gift-giving be any different?

The suppliers that we choose to connect and partner with share our passion for supporting other Australian-based businesses that have a strong belief in natural and organic living that is good for the planet.” Sarah says.

The Wholesome Gift Box collection is not only filled with organic goodies, but they’re wrapped and packaged in recycled, eco-friendly materials.



Meet Sarah

Established in 2019, The Wholesome Gift Box is a standout gift box boutique run out of founder, Sarah Watts’s, home base in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Like many strong and resilient women, Sarah wears quite a few hats throughout her day – she is an entrepreneur, a partner, and a mother to a busy toddler and a doggo. Despite all the juggling in her days, she is passionate about curating natural, wholesome, and luxurious products to be packaged and delivered in stunning gift boxes across the country.


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