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Photo of the Week

8th June 2012

The iconic Maleny wedding tree. It actually resides on private property, but the owners are extremely kind each and every weekend to allow Maleny brides and grooms to have their photos taken with their tree and view. It's a seriously stunning view, that's for sure, and all of the best Sunshine Coast hinterland wedding photographers know how to find it.

The team from Artography are such photographers, who have the scoop on all the best spots for photos in the hinterland. This family owned and run operation is full of the passion you would expect from wedding photographers with amazing artistic talent in their blood. Really, their inspiration must simply be on tap – they are faced with such stunning sights to photograph! There is nothing quite like a Maleny wedding after all, and they are fortunate to do a lot of them. This of course means they know the range like the back of their hands! How handy in a wedding photographer… ('scuse the pun.)

This particular photo is a bit different from the usual iconic Maleny tree photo one sees. The rolling clouds make it a truly spectacular sight to behold!