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Photo of the Week

27th July 2012

Look at these awesome little dudes! If this pair don’t kick start you to have a super Saturday, I just don’t know what will. Seriously, just – look at them!

This moment in time was captured by the brilliant Karen Buckle Photography, whose work we love and adore with all our little hearts. As a top Sunshine Coast wedding photographer, Karen would be lucky enough to happen upon gorgeous little people like this all the time at weddings.

Now, I know that many people like to have a child-free wedding, allow the parents to kick back and enjoy the party, and I really do see their point. However, I also think little people make weddings really special and heaps more fun. Who doesn’t melt over the pretty little flowergirl dancing on her daddy’s polished shoes? Who doesn’t take a little bit of pleasure in spotting the rascally little boys sneaking past and nabbing a few extra bits of unattended wedding cake?

Okay, children at weddings may not be for everyone, but these two dapper dudes definitely make a good case for it with their expressions alone!