Rainy Wedding Day Hair

You wake up on your Sunshine Coast hinterland wedding day… and it’s raining. Eep! Things to consider: relocation of your outdoor ceremony location, umbrellas for your bridal party that will look attractive in the photos, where your location photos can be shot without the bottom of your beautiful gown being all muddied up, and… how on earth is your hair going to stay in place and not frizz up faster than a Mentos in a can of Coke? 

Enter the consumate professionals in wedding hair styling, Sass & Niki’s Wedding Hair & Makeup. These girls pretty much have a PHD in getting your hair to get in place exactly where it’s supposed to, sit and stay. Just take a look at these lovely photos by Calli B Photography, that show how perfect one lucky bride was to have some of the best in the biz in charge of hers and her bridesmaids’ tresses for the day. You would hardly know there was moisture in the air at all! 

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