Sandi Shankster: My Fave Floral Centrepieces

In all their diversity, we still each have our favourite types of flowers and floral arrangements. So what about the experts who work with blooms up to their elbows day in and day out? One such star of her field, Sunshine Coast wedding florist Sandi Shankster of Willow Bud, shared with us four of her fave wedding table centrepieces from the past year. 

1. The centrepiece doesn’t always have to be on the table. Another way to achieve floral styling and space on the table is to have an overhead floral feature. Image by Dreamlife Photograhy. 

2.  Luxurious and opulent thick floral runner with cascading foliage and fragrant flowers for the bridal table makes the perfect bridal table. Photo by White Images.

3. Rustic timber boxes are a beautiful way to add country charm to your wedding. The boxes are quite versatile and with the right foliage and flowers they also look beautiful for a chic beach side look or a native Australian theme. Image by Alyce and Collette Photographers, styling Style Le Aisle. 

4. Another rustic timber box arrangement, but with fresh white and peach florals it creates an entirely different look and feel. Image by Alan Hughes Photography. 

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