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Seating Arrangements

19th March 2013

Did you know we have some amazing printable planning tools right here on The Bride’s Tree for your printing and planning pleasure? Try saying that five times fast! I can tell you, it will be a lot trickier than utilising these super easy-to-use tools that will make putting certain parts of your Sunshine Coast wedding in order so much more simple than you could have imagined. 

One such tool is our seating arrangement tool, that actually allows you to swap and change all of your guests around as much as you need to until you have it just so. Sometimes seating arrangements can change right up until the day of the wedding, and it can be really hard to get your head around exactly what you need to do to make a quick shuffle around. Taking into consideration personality conflicts, family expectations, and of course those single friend matches made in heaven you are planning to make claim of in years to come… there is so much to think about! 

A few of our readers have told us that they have used our tool with a small cork board, so they always had a perfect vision of the way their wedding would be set out, and it was super easy to do a quick last minute switcheroo if need be. You can find this great printable wedding planning tool and many others we know you will love right here

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