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Spectacular Surprise Proposal on the Sunshine Coast

15th February 2019

Michael wanted his loved up proposal captured, so he enlisted this Sunshine Coast photographer to get some sneaky shots while on a romantic beach horseback ride along Noosa North Shore.

Michael and Victoria 06.03.2018-26

When Michael made the plan to propose to his girlfriend, Victoria, he didn’t want the special moment to go by without a tangible memory of the moment. So he contacted Nicole Laufer, Sunshine Coast wedding photographer, to ask her to come along to Noosa North Shore and capture the proposal. The trick was – he still wanted it to be a surprise! 
Never one to do things by halves, Nicole offered to check out the beach where the deed was to take place, as Michael had never been there himself! While scouting out the location, Nicole made contact with Equathon Horse Riding, who were to be the hosts of the beach horse ride for the couple. 
“I wanted to get some ideas, and told them what we were planning. After a very nice talk, we came up with a perfect plan – without me hiding in the sand dunes, because the horses can sense someone is hiding and become spooked!” Nicole said. 
“We also wanted to be sure that Victoria would have no idea what would happen. So I tried my best without hiding, walking down the beach, acting I am a landscape or wildlife photographer. I was able to capture some amazing photos of their horse ride and proposal – very sneaky!” 
At the end of their horse ride tour Michael jumped of his horse, went down on one knee and proposed! Victoria’s reaction is priceless, as you will see from the photos below. After that the jig was up and the happy couple stayed on with Nicole to have some beautiful photos together on the beach. You can really feel the love in these photos, and neither Michael nor Victoria can wipe the smiles from their faces. This is how you do a proposal on the Sunshine Coast, lovers! 
Images by Nicole Laufer PhotographyMichael and Victoria 06.03.2018-45 Michael and Victoria 06.03.2018-99 Michael and Victoria 06.03.2018-131 Michael and Victoria 06.03.2018-135 Michael and Victoria 06.03.2018-141 Michael and Victoria 06.03.2018-148 Michael and Victoria 06.03.2018-158 Michael and Victoria 06.03.2018-170 Michael and Victoria 06.03.2018-178 Michael and Victoria 06.03.2018-186 Michael and Victoria 06.03.2018-200 Michael and Victoria 06.03.2018-226 Michael and Victoria 06.03.2018-230 Michael and Victoria 06.03.2018-234 Michael and Victoria 06.03.2018-254 Michael and Victoria 06.03.2018-260