Spotlight on a Supplier: Cut a Rug DJ


Aaron Duncan is a family man, a musical encyclopedia, a super cool guy and an awesome DJ. And not your average DJ, we have discovered. Some things we love about Aaron, or as he is more commonly known as Cut a Rug DJ, is that he has style, oodles of experience (17 years of DJing, in fact!), and he’s eco-conscious.

Aaron will fine tune your musical selections to suit your occasion, be it all the latest funky tunes for in fact cutting a rug, or the smooth stylings of the best jazz and blues crooners for your elegant vintage affair. Being aware of his carbon footprint, Aaron outlines all about his green practices here. Seriously, more businesses should do this! It’s awesome! 

We learnt so much more about Cut a Rug when we shot him a few curly questions, so you could get all the goss. Enjoy! 

Where is your fave music store on the Sunshine Coast?

Most of our music is sourced digitally these days. I download music from iTunes and Beatport.  It’s a totally different experience from the days of digging through crates of records for a hidden gem.  On one hand it has made music more easily accessible, but on the other hand there is so much more music to sift through. Having said this, I can’t resist having a fossick through a pile of old records if I’m in an op shop!


What/who is the thing that is most important to you in your life?

I’d have to say my daughter, Leah.  Nothing can prepare you for becoming a parent – it is the most incredible experience.  Leah never ceases to surprise and amaze me as she grows and learns more and more.  Before we had her I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be a dad and now I can hardly remember what it was like before!

Are you a toughie or a softie?

Generally I’m a big softie – but when it comes to myself, I’m tough as nails.


What’s the best thing about being a wedding DJ?

Contributing to the success and enjoyment of a couple’s big day.  I love watching the night unfold from the romance of the first dance through to the shenanigans later on as people loosen up and have a great time. For that couple, their wedding is the celebration of a lifetime. What an honour to be part of someones big day – it’s something that I don’t take lightly.


Which song always gets people up and busting a move?

There is no one song that works with everybody – it always depends on the crowd in attendance.

Generally, you can’t go too wrong with some classic Michael Jackson, a cheesy fun sing along like the Grease Megamix, or whatever is the most popular song of the moment – lately that’s been Thriftshop by Macklemore. But it always changes and I’m constantly surprised by what song actually breaks the ice and get’s people up and dancing. A few weeks ago, after being hounded for a good part of the night, I relented and played I’ll Be There by Jimi Jameson (The Baywatch Theme). I witnessed people running across the dance floor in super slow motion to ‘save’ people who were pretending to drown on the opposite side of the room. As entertaining as that was, I can’t see myself playing it again any time soon!


What advice do you give to brides when they are choosing their first dance song?

Pick something that means something to you both and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. It’s your day – do it your way! Traditionally the first dance has been a slow one, but these days anything goes. You can still have a romantic slow dance, or have some fun to a contemporary upbeat tune. As a general rule of thumb though, you’re going to want to pick a song that has some nice, meaningful and romantic lyrics and avoid songs that feature inappropriate content. There are plenty of ‘Top Ten’ lists out there (we have one too – click here) that can help you with ideas.

On the other hand, many couples opt to jump on the latest fad and do a fun, choreographed dance to something like Gangnam Style or Harlem Shake. Ultimately it’s all about your own unique style and music tastes.

Where do you do your best thinking up of mixes? 

I come up with some of my best mixes and combo’s when I’m DJing live and in the mix.

When it’s going great and the dance-floor is packed, I might take a chance and mix something in that people may not be expecting. This can be risky, but with risk comes reward.

I get a lot of requests, and every now and then someone will ask to hear something that I would not have thought of playing. If there is a chance it will fit in, I’ll take the plunge and try it out.

I’ve witnessed a few dance floors thin out – but that’s just given people a chance to have a breather and grab a drink. I get to start fresh and lure everybody back to the dance-floor with a certified floor-filler.

It’s when I’ve taken these chances and it’s gone well that I’ve received some of the best reactions!

Hear some of Cut a Rug’s awesome, many and varying mixes here. WARNING: These had The Bride’s Tree gals busting moves in the office left, right and centre… so depending on your working environment, this may be a NSFW situation! 

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