Sunshine Coast Bridal Showcase: Groom’s Survival Guide

SC Bridal Showcase Summer 2016

He adores you, he wants you to be happy. He looks ahead with trepidation at the upcoming wedding planning event of the year… It’s a room full of brides, bridesmaids, mothers-of-the-brides, and 110-odd wedding vendors. It’s not his typical way to spend a Sunday, he will admit. However, he’s such a doll he’s determined to show up for you with minimal complaint. What a guy! 

I have to say, you are one lucky lady. I think to show your anticipated appreciation, it’s only fair to fully prepare the lad for what’s in store, and give him some good tips to get through the day without any pain, and perhaps even some level of enjoyment. So I have prepared for you… 

The Groom-to-be Wedding Showcase Survival Guide

Let’s chat to the guys now. Just pass over the screen and leave him be.

Okay, so I have you now, fella? Excellent, let’s chat. 

I want to help you out, mate, so stay with me on this. I appreciate she’s roped you in during a moment of weakness in that post-proposal romantic glow… The reality is setting in, but I promise you, it’s not going to be torture. In fact, with my guidance, you may even have a rather pleasant time! Follow me through some tips to get you set on the right path to make the day a success for you both. 

Pre-event Prep

It would be a great idea to discover exactly what level of input you’re allowed to have likely to be asked for at the showcase. Approach your beautiful bride-to-be with an air of interest about you, and ask, “Darling, tell me, which aspects of the wedding would you like me to share in the planning of at this blessed event?” 

She will reply with one or more of the following… 

  • Cake
  • Catering
  • Venue
  • Transport
  • Your own suit
  • Stationery
  • Nothing, I have this covered. Just show up and look pretty, sweet pea. 

Now you know where you stand and can offer opinions accordingly, and go to your happy place when looking at anything else on the day.

Personal Preparation

Do these things. 

  • Push-ups in preparation, because you’ll be carrying the loot bags and anything she wins. Even better, test out your strength with this week’s grocery shop.
  • Practice your patience. 

On-the-day Supplies

Bring these things with you. Don’t ask, just do it. 

  • Comfy shoes.
  • Pens (more than one – there will be many competition forms and waiting lists to fill in.) 
  • Cash – there is a canteen. Coffee! Food!
  • Ear plugs (in case you’re sitting next to the winner of the $1500 bridal gown when it’s announced.) 

What to do when you arrive

  • Immediately locate the cake stands with samples.

And important things to remember… 

  • There are prizes for the grooms, too! So listen up in case you score a Golf Day! 
  • You might SAVE some MONEY on your wedding at this event. It’s totally worth it! 
  • You will have a peaceful night as your bride will have lots of magazines and brochures to pour over afterwards. 

One last piece of sage advice 

You could really score some brownie points by proactively buying your early bird discounted tickets online

You’re welcome. 


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