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7 Wedding Cakes You’ll LOVE

14th January 2013

It is a day for yummy. If you are ready for some mouthwatering goodness, you are really in the right place. Your wedding cake is the centrepiece of your wedding. Cutting the wedding cake is a tradition that epitomises the celebration that is your joining together as a wedded couple. So of course it is imperative you have a simply stunning cake to mark this momentous occasion.  There are so many beautiful wedding cake designs to choose from, and finding one to suit your personal style and wedding theme is half the fun. The other half is eating it! Sunshine…

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Cake of the Week

25th August 2012

Today is a bittersweet goodbye to our Cake of the Week series. Bittersweet, get it? Get it? But it’s just so long, it’s not goodbye forever, as we will see a return in time. And next week we say bonjour to another exciting new “of the week”, the subject of which I am selfishly keeping to myself, so there! I’m sorry, I’m so mean, it’s just the pending lack of talking up such sweet sugary goodness that’s getting to me! At least I have this one last time to tell you about a delectable cake of the week today. This beauty today…

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