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Summer Bridesmaid Fashion

13th November 2014

I feel many a summer wedding coming on, my lovely Sunshine Coast brides! If you are planning a soiree in the summertime of the nuptials variety, this one is for you. We have some gah-gah-gorgeous summer bridesmaid fashion inspiration you will be dreaming about till you get your gals together and frock up good and proper.  For a summer wedding, this is your opportunity to have your bridesmaids brighten up the proceedings. From coral to mint, from lavender to lemon and everything in-between, summertime brides have every colour of the rainbow to choose from.  Take a peek at these pretty…

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Black Beauty Bridesmaid Fashion

11th August 2014

Striking in black, a full gown with classic lines is extremely elegant for a bridesmaid, or even for a daring bride.  Statement jewellery, bold makeup, and voluminous hair, this fashion sure makes a big impact. Stylist Hayley from Wholehearted Studio dressed these Black Beauties, and they were photographed by Willow + Sage.  Models Roxy and Lisa wear Lucy and Loo convertible dresses in black.  Frankly My Dear handcraft their unique pieces. They specialise in delicate headpieces and chunky chain necklaces.  Lisa’s peepers don a shocking electric blue in her makeup design by The Beauty Case, and her hair is coiffed and…

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