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Intimate Destination Wedding – Little Cove, Noosa

27th October 2013

Natasha and Adam, along with their two children, Betty and Teddy, travelled a long journey to their wedding in Little Cove, Noosa. The journey started in 1997 when the UK couple met in their home town. After 15 years, two children and a very long flight, they made their vows in a very intimate ceremony, followed by a carefree reception at Bistro C, Noosa.  //// While they know it would have been easy to have a huge wedding with all the trappings back in the UK, a holiday to Australia and a Sunshine Coast wedding with only seven guests was…

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With love from The Wedding Guru

16th August 2012

Dear Kim,  Firstly, absolutely love your work! Like most brides I'm on a budget and want to make my money go further, spending on the things that people really notice and will remember on the day. One of my concerns are flowers (particularly bouquets)- while they're absolutely stunning, not many people really take notice except other brides to be, and I have 5 bridesmaids!! I don't like the flower corsage for bridesmaids, but basically I want to know what flower type, size etc is the cheapest and most pretty for value for money for boquets. Then, what is the best…

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Free Expert Wedding Advice

6th June 2012

Since becoming engaged, have you ever had a moment where you have thought to yourself, "Hmm, this wedding caper is slightly more overwhelming than I originally anticipated." Or, "Oh my goodness, I'm going batty and I just don't know where to even begin!" How about, "If only an expert in this kind of thing would come along and tell me what to do!" I have a spot of good news for you, my fine little bridal friend. There is such an expert right here on the Sunshine Coast, who will in fact give you a nudge in just the right…

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