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25 Not-so-Weddingy Wedding Songs

29th July 2020

This playlist of not-so-weddingy wedding songs goes out to the lovers, who are lovers of great music and see their memory-making moments set to a less than traditional soundtrack. Songs to walk down the aisle to, first dance songs, this playlist could cover them all.

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First Dance Playlist

27th November 2014

If you’re still looking for that perfect song to bust a move with your brand new hubby for the first time, we have some inspiration for you today. The wonderful folks at Cut a Rug (amazing Sunshine Coast DJs) have helpfully put together a selection of their fave first dance songs in a convenient playlist.  There’s most certainly a little something for everybody. There are some classics from the likes of Marvin Gaye and Van Morrison, and the sweet contemporary stylings of Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars, and everything in-between. You can even find out how to bring a little touch of royal…

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First Dance Songs for Your Wedding

6th February 2013

The musical selections played at your wedding can really set the tone of the celebration, and none more than your walking down the aisle song and your first dance song, or bridal waltz song. It’s also a moment you will have to revel in the romance of dancing with your husband for the very first time!  If you don’t have a song that’s both meaningful to you as a couple and appropriate for this very important moment in front of all your family and friends, you might be lucky enough to find one to suit your particular tastes in this…

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