DIY: Honeycomb Garland

10th December 2014

If you’re anything like me, you buy all these fancy decorations and then don’t really know exactly what to do with them placement-wise to make them look as spectacular as you would like. This idea from the clever folk at Oh Happy Day! is brilliant! I love how putting all of these honeycomb decorations bunched up together in one impressive garland creates a fabulous statement.  It frames the food table perfectly, and would also work for a sweets table adornment, behind the bridal party table, or as a photo booth backdrop. You could select colours that tie in with your…

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DIY Paint-dipped Glass Jars

21st October 2014

The Mason Jar has had its day in the sun. Now it’s time for a more modest jar. A jar we all know, but seldom pay homage to. A jar that may appear too small in stature to warrant much attention at all. A jar with very few reuse prospects. Usually fated to be a mere button or paperclip holder, this jar has far too long been underestimated and overlooked, yet its prominent presence in many a home across the nation – nay, across the world – is evident. It has brought inside it much-needed supply of emergency food in…

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DIY: Crepe Paper Butterflies

18th September 2014

You guys… you know how I lurve a paper DIY, right? Well this one has taken my heart and positively run away with it.  Whether it’s for your wedding cake toppers, your engagement party salad bowl decorations, or your hen’s night drink swizzle stick adornment, crepe paper butterflies need to be in your life. And mine.  If you try your hand at this DIY from Oh Happy Day! please make sure you send me a pic!  For the full DIY instructions on these pretty little morsels, visit Oh Happy Day! 

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DIY: Crepe paper wall hanging

23rd July 2014

If you’ve not yet noticed, I’m a bit of a fan of Oh Happy Day, an incredibly clever blog with party + special events (wedding!) planning ideas, and stacks of almost stupidly amazing decorative DIY projects. This one I’m sharing today may just be my fave ever.  Crepe paper wall hanging! This is such a cool design, inspired by Indian floral torans; it’s inexpensive, and so so versatile. You could do this with any colour under the sun, so it would blend with so many themes! How would you use it in a wedding? Three words. Head. Table. Backdrop. Boom!  For…

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DIY: May Pole

5th June 2014

One of my favourite parts of the Little Women movie with Susan Sarandon, Winona Ryder, Kirsten Dunst and Claire Danes, circa 1994 (can anybody say perfect cast?!), is at Meg and Mr. Brooke’s wedding, where they all dance around the Maypole. //// Idealistic, daydreaming 11-year-old me had never seen such a thing before when it first came out, but oh it looked so dreamy! Such ladies they all were – it looked like my kind of pasttime.  My little sister, Jessica, would have ruined it of course, by running around it too fast, laughing too loud, and then pulling the…

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DIY: Wish Bone Wedding

28th November 2013

In finding this fun little DIY, I recalled the time my mother diligently collected actual wish bones in the months leading up to my cousin’s wedding. That’s a lot of cooked chook and coleslaw family dinners, my friends! //// It was also a lot of discipline between us kids, because we all usually fought for the privilege of being on one end of the pull-apart with a chance to win that wish. Hey, it was the early 90’s, we didn’t have an iPod Touch to amuse ourselves!  So the plan for these wish bones was to have them cleaned up,…

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Hen’s Night DIY: Flower Party Blowers

21st November 2012

I'm always looking for an alternative to a penis straw. Aren't you? No, I'm not really, but that sentence was just too irresistable not to open with! Having said that, this DIY is a fantastic alternative to what has become the customary penis straw for a Hen's Night. Sunshine Coast brides, if the male appendage theme is just not your cup of tea, but you still like to get your celebrate on and party, well these may just be for you.  Oh Happy Day! have once again come up with a clever and pretty paper DIY you will just adore…

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Just in case you missed it…

20th October 2012

Happy Sunday, beautiful Sunshine Coast brides! We hope you're enjoying the loveliest of weekends. One way to while away the hours today would be to see what we've been up to on The Bride's Tree this week. It's been yet another wonderful week full of daily inspiration for your Sunshine Coast wedding. So just in case you missed it, here's what we have been sharing with you all this week.  On Monday we had our lovely guest blogger, Hayley Shum of Wholehearted Studio, out thing finding again for us. In case you weren't aware, wedding stylist Hayley is on a…

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DIY Vellum Cake Flowers

17th October 2012

Yesterday we shared with you a quirky hen's tea party, and today we are sharing with you the perfect little decorations for atop your quirky tea party cake. These are a gorgeous DIY job brought to us from Oh Happy Day! They are vellum printed flowers you can arrange in your own way to pretty up even the plainest of cakes. The full instructions can be found here, including a link to the copyright-free printable flowers, making this our simplest DIY yet. And oh so pretty! Perfect for your own Montville Lake Terrace hen's tea party.     

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