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Making the Dream Dress Come True

24th August 2014

Brides, we know you all want the perfect dress for your Sunshine Coast wedding day. It’s the one thing you dream about as a little girl, and you want so much to feel like the most beautiful girl in the world on your one special day. Your husband-to-be simply must have his breath taken away by the mere sight of you. Am I right?  That was rhetorical, don’t answer that. I know I am.  One of your options when choosing a wedding dress is to actually have it made from scratch by one of those super dooper clever people, who…

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Real Wedding: Kayla and Jesse in Kenilworth

31st July 2013

Today’s cutie pahtootie couple are one you may already be familiar with if you happened to see the sweet Jasper and Ruby highlights film we published not long ago. Now we have for you more of their cute details and heartening words from the beautiful bride.  Kayla and Jesse’s incredible wedding was held at Kenilworth Homestead, a gorgeous rustic country setting, where there is room enough for all guests to be accommodated on site, making for a super relaxed affair. Take a stroll through these absolutely gorgeous images by Sunshine Coast wedding photographer, Emma Nayler Photographer. Emma has captured every moment…

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Spotlight on a Supplier: Makeup 4 Brides

18th June 2013

We have our spotlight firmly trained on a wedding industry veteran, who has all the secrets up her sleeve when it comes to bridal beauty. I speak of none other than the lovely Lisa from Makeup 4 Brides. Yesterday we shared our Q&A with Lisa’s hair counterpart, Kerrie from Hair 4 Brides, and discovered her to be a wealth of knowledge. Today we are spoiled yet again with the wisdom of a mobile makeup artist, who has worked on hundreds of weddings over her 14 years as a makeup artist, making brides’ beauty dreams come true.  Lisa, where do you…

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Purple Wedding Makeup

6th June 2013

When coming up with your wedding colour theme, you may choose a colour that really works on all levels. Like this lovely bride, Ashleigh, who married her beau, Steven, in pretty coastal Caloundra. Ashleigh’s wedding was infused with a beautiful deep royal purple, and she managed to use the colour in absolutely everything from her bridesmaids’ gowns to her bouquet, from ribbon and floral decorative elements, and even down to her eye makeup!  We love this bold look for a bride, it’s something different to wear on your wedding day, but not too far out of the box, either. This…

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