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More Shooting the Breeze…

31st July 2014

Yesterday we released our latest free online bridal magazine, which features a series of interviews with some of the wonderful (and some might say ruggedly handsome) men of the Sunshine Coast wedding industry. We thought it was about time we gave some attention to the fellas, so we took them out to The Yacht Club Mooloolaba for the day, Wholehearted Studio dressed them in some funky nautical fashion from Yd. and set sail.  //// Since there were far too many awesome photos of these now part-time models to fit in the magazine, we wanted to share some more with you today. You can view…

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Weekly Round Up

21st February 2014

An event not to be missed this weekend is the Open Day at The Yacht Club. If you haven't seen this Mooloolaba  wedding venue yet, this is the perfect opportunity, as it will be beautifully decked out as though a wedding were occuring in the function room, and with the amazing weather we are having, you can see the waterfront venue in all its splendour. Hey, you may even score a prize – while I cannot guarantee that, I can guarantee there's a glass of bubbly waiting there for you.  Just in case you missed it…  We went behind the…

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