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How To Choose Your Transportation

14th June 2012

  Traditionally, the bride arrives at her wedding in style. A horse-drawn cart is super romantic, a limousine a modern traditional option, while some like to make a big splash with a beautiful classic car or even a boat or helicopter! WHERE TO START If you’re not your typical rev head or grease monkey, you may have no strong feelings about your mode of transportation on your wedding day. This might be when you call on your groom-to-be to make the hard decisions. However, all brides want to be comfortable, so make sure you have some input, too. Depending on…

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Classic Car = Wedding Day Magic

28th March 2012

Having a classic car for your wedding car will add a little magic to your special day. Getting about in a Rolls Royce, Bentley, heck, even a FB Holden, will be an experience you will never forget. Or what about, say… A London taxi with a whole lot of history! Whether you are having a vintage-themed wedding or not, a chauffer-driven classic car for your Sunshine Coast wedding is not only a stylish choice, but I guarantee you, it's a magical one. Take a look at these beauties.  All photos by Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographers. Photo by Penny Riddoch  …

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