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10 Bomboniere Ideas for Vintage Weddings

24th February 2014

Your guests have done you a favour by coming to your wedding, so you have to give them a wedding favour. Simple as that. Okay, it’s not that cut and dry! Actually, the point of a wedding favour or bombonniere is to give thanks to your honoured guests for taking the time and making the effort to attend your special day. It’s also a little momento of your wedding, which they can take home and be reminded of you and your new spouse and the wonderful day they had witnessing your declaration of love and commitment.  So let’s take a…

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Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas

8th May 2013

Winterland wedding anyone? It’s about to be that time of year in the land of Oz, however here on the Sunshine Coast there’s definitely no snow. Fireplaces are far from commonplace and you know it’s a cold day if most people are getting about in jeans and a cardigan. In our pretty little piece of the world, we enjoy warm weather at any time of the year. In fact, a sunny winter’s day is what I would call perfection and perfect for a wedding.  Even though, according to plenty people from other parts of the globe, we don’t even have…

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