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Just in case you missed it…

16th February 2013

It was a big week at The Bride's Tree HQ, and for lovers everywhere with Valentines Day on Thursday! We may have gotten a little bit extra excited and instead of our usual one daily post, we published… Four. Yep, four to represent the four chambers of your precious little hearts! Check it out…  Chamber one Chamber two Chamber three Chamber four What a wonderful week full of celebrating love. We kicked things off with the most romantic designer wedding gowns, followed by a very sweet engagement shoot at the sweetest ever Montville wedding night cottage, then we were treated…

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How To Choose Your Celebrant

22nd October 2012

  WHERE TO START This could possibly be the most important decision of your wedding… aside from the dress, of course! The person who marries you and your husband, binding you together in love and in law for life, is going to have to be someone pretty darn special! The first thing you need to do is talk with your fiancé about what you both would like to experience in the moments leading up to the announcement you just can’t wait to hear, “I now pronounce you husband and wife!” There are so many possibilities when it comes to wedding…

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