The Bride’s Tree – German Tradition

20th December 2011

It is tradition in Germany for the new bride and groom to receive the gift of 12 ornaments for their first Christmas Tree as a married couple. They each represent an area in life, which together bring about a happy life and successful marriage. The 12 traditional ornaments and their meanings are as follows: 


A HEART symbolises true love.

A FLOWER BASKET symbolises good wishes.

A RABBIT represents hope and faith, and peace with nature.

A TEAPOT represents hospitality.

A PINE CONE represents motherhood and fruitfulness, eternity and fertility.

A SANTA represents sharing, unselfishness and goodwill.

A HOUSE represents shelter and protection for the family home.

A FRUIT BASKET symbolises generosity and abundance.

A BIRD represents happiness and The Holy Spirit. If the bird is in a nest, it’s also a sign of confidence in the home.

A FISH represents Christ’s blessing and fertility.

An ANGEL or CHURCH is a symbol of God’s guidance in the home.

A ROSE is a symbol of beauty and affection. A yellow rose symbolises faithfulness in marriage. 


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