To-do list before you even think about getting into your wedding dress

Sunshine Coast Wedding Dresses

We have a spot of advice for you today, which has come from a woman very much in the know. Suzanne Riley is a savvy Sunshine Coast wedding celebrant, who always looks the part, so be sure to heed her advice, lovely brides…

So there is a list for everything!! But don’t we just love lists, we get everything done perfectly and we can tick things off! LOVE IT.

Its not every day we wear a lush gown,  have a room full of ladies helping us get ready and are preened from head to toe, so here are some tips to make the lead up to your walk down the aisle, flow as smooth as silk.

Here’s a common sense approach to getting dressed on your wedding day. Before you even reach for the gown, tick off this checklist. 

Holding your wedding here on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, the weather can be quite hot and sometimes sticky, so getting ready in air-conditioned comfort is something that can be pre-planned and is well worth the forethought.  This makes the process much more comfortable.

Here goes…

  • Air-conditioning is on
  • Your hair is perfect
  • Teeth Cleaned
  • If you have had your veil fixed by your hairdresser, then you will already have your veil attached if not, you can leave the veil until after the gown is fitted
  • Pantyhose and shoes on – saves bending and creasing the dress or negotiating the gown if you put your shoes on first
  • Underwear all in place
  • Your makeup is complete – all powders (anything that can mark the gown) put away
  • Deodorant on and dry
  • Insect repellent on
  • Sunscreen on
  • Favourite fragrance on
  • Jewellery can be fitted after the gown just in case of snags
Sunshine Coast Wedding Dresses

wedding dresses available on the Sunshine Coast

NOW all of that is done…..  here are the last ‘must check’s’

  • Do you need to go to the loo? This is your last chance realistically before you get to your reception so take advantage of one last visit!
  • Any pets have been taken outside – we don’t want paw prints or claw pulls in the gown before we leave the house.
  • Have something small and simple to eat, with nerves and excitement you may not have an appetite, but try to have something small, a sandwich, maybe have a protein drink or a small energy bar at least on hand and make sure you have ‘something’.  Your breath will smell sweeter, your blood sugar will thank you, you will probably find you are less emotional and there will be no fainting at the wedding.
  • Many clean hands for the next step…. so everyone wash your hands, we’re about to tackle to gown….
  • First choice for dress fitting is STEP INTO your gown if possible….. make sure your heels are securely on the floor and not on your gown at all before your gown is pulled up.  If your gown must be fitted over your head, wear a makeup saver over your hair/face whilst you’re being fitted into your gown.
  • If your gown has a large separate underskirt, put this on first and fit the dress over your head.
  • If your gown has many buttons or lace up ribbon, make sure to leave plenty of time for this as it can take longer than you imagine.
  • If you need a nibble or to freshen up your makeup after the gown is fitted, protect the gown with a clean sheet, towel or makeup saver
  • Final check….. Do you have your ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’?
  • Take a deep breath!

Now you’re good to go.

Above images by Emma Nayler Photographer

Suzanne Riley has invaluable wedding knowledge by the basketfull. If you would like to learn more about this lovely lass and her wedding celebrant services here on the Sunshine Coast, you find all you need to know right here

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