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Zoë Clark Cakes | A-list Vendor Profile

4th March 2019

Meet Zoë Clark, former cake-designer to the Queen, author, mother of three, who began her cake career in London. Zoë talks trends, her process and her new cake decorating classes.


When I first clapped eyes on one of Zoë Clark‘s famous cakes, I could barely pick my chin up off the floor. If I’d held a real flower up next to her sugar flowers, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference, such is her skill. Wedding cakes Sunshine Coast have never looked (or tasted!) better. 

Zoë’s skill level and attention to detail are what set her apart, along with the quality of ingredients and a highly personal service to ensure everything is perfect. Her sea change homecoming to the Sunshine Coast from London is our huge gain. 

It’s time to meet Zoë. You ready?

Zoë, tell us your wedding cakes business origin story.

I started my own business back in London in 2008 having spent a couple of years working for other bakeries. I felt it was time to start producing my own cakes to my own taste and style. I started off working from home for a couple of years, which you were allowed to do in the UK. I was extremely lucky and the business took off very quickly so we soon decided to open ‘The Cake Parlour’ to cater for our growing list of clientele.

Over six years I employed a small team of super talented staff and we made all kinds of cakes, mainly wedding cakes. Our cakes were delivered across London, around the UK and even abroad! We got to see some amazing venues and worked with lovely clients, including a few celebrities, which was so exciting (but a bit scary!)

I also began teaching a lot more and started to write a few cake decorating books, which made my work a lot more known around the world. In 2012, I produced a range of cakes for the famous London store Fortnum and Mason, and during this time got to make a cake for the Queen and her diamond jubilee.

As our eldest children got to high school age, we decided to return to Australia for a better lifestyle. I took a short time off to spend with my newborn and settling in. Last year, however, I decided to get back into the wedding industry and introduced myself to the wonderful wedding industry on the Sunshine Coast.

What are the predicted trends for wedding cakes in 2019?

Buttercream finishes are becoming increasingly popular. As well as textured finishes, we are seeing a lot more floral touches created using palette knives and piping tips. Rough edges around the tops of the tiers are also quite popular thanks to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s rustic wedding cake display last year.

Wedding cakes Sunshine Coast _ Zoe Clark Cakes _ The Bride's Tree A-list Vendor Profile.jpg

Take us through the process of your on-the-day job. 

I’m usually adding the final touches to the cake before delivery and photographing it for any potential social media posts or website additions. I then make sure the car is fully cooled before putting the cake in. Driving carefully and anticipating drivers’ action around you is a must to avoid any sudden stops or swerves. When I arrive at the venue, I make sure the table is ready for the cake and that the room is cool. I usually put the cake on the stand, and add any additional sugar or fresh flowers.

You have a completely free day on the Sunshine Coast. Where are you going? What are you doing? And who are you with? 

To Noosa! I love it. I can honestly say it’s probably my favourite place in the world! I’d go with the family. I love the beach front, and walking around to the national park. I love Gympie Terrace too. I’d have lunch at one of the restaurants in either place ideally just with the husband though, so it’s more relaxing! This is where I want to have my dream cake shop and dessert bar one day!

Wedding cakes Sunshine Coast _ Zoe Clark Cakes _ The Bride's Tree A-list Vendor Profile

Share something about you most people wouldn’t know. 

I love teaching and making tutorials as much as making cakes for clients. I love sharing my knowledge with others and often travel to other countries for students wanting to learn my techniques.

I’m planning to run a few classes this year for those wanting to learn about wedding cakes and favours. The classes will be aimed at those wanting to have a go at their own cake or perhaps theirs friends or relatives wanting to make a cake for a wedding. Girls (and boys) can also book private ‘hen party cake decorating’ classes.Wedding cakes Sunshine Coast _ Zoe Clark Cakes _ The Bride's Tree A-list Vendor Profile.jpg3 

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