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Belinda Tee | A-List Vendor Profile

30th April 2020

Sunshine Coast celebrant, Belinda Tee, started training to become a wedding celebrant immediately upon returning from her own honeymoon four years ago.

Belinda Tee_Dream Bella PhotographyGetting married herself in 2016 inspired a new career for Belinda Tee, who previously has worked in banking, finance and insurance sectors. She says it’s this experience that shaped her into being client-focused in her own business, Ceremonies to a Tee. 

Belinda offers so much more than her role typically requires. Of course she will perform your ceremony, and ensure all the legalities are covered off, but Belinda also makes herself useful to all of her couples in planning their wedding. She’s been known to scour the online Marketplace and local op shops to help find the perfect decorative bits her clients have mentioned. Once she even visited a demolition yard and located a particular window pane one bride had been searching for! It’s this personal care that makes Belinda so brilliant at what she does, and a genuinely lovely person to have around on your wedding day. 
Let’s hear some more from the woman herself… 
Belinda, take me through your process on a typical wedding day. 
Frequently we do a run through at the ceremony location in the days leading up to the wedding. I ensure that the paperwork is prepared, vows printed, scripts printed, charge and check all my equipment, and ensure all is good to go.
The night before the big day arrives, I pack all my gear into the car (certificates, pen, PA, stand, microphones, back up cables, signing table, chairs, any extra requirements such as easel, umbrellas etc), then on the big day I dress in an outfit that blends with the wedding theme and try to pretty myself up, as best I can.
Allowing plenty of time for traffic, I set sail to the venue, often singing loudly the whole way to warm my voice up! I tend to arrive 50-60 minutes in advance of the start of the ceremony to allow time to set up, do sound checks, touch base with those in attendance, and ensure that the ring bearer has those rings.  (There’s been two occasions when I’ve had a swearword as a response to the question “Have you got the rings?” and then been left in a cloud of dust as the best man took off to go and get the rings he’d left behind!)
After delivering the ceremony and happily marrying the couple, I tend to stay around for about 20 minutes after while I pack up and say my goodbyes, before heading home to scan the paperwork and post it all off to Births, Deaths and Marriages. Usually this is all done with a big smile on my face, as I truly love what I do with a passion!
Belinda Tee_Little Love Bug Photography 1
Tell me about how you got started as a celebrant. 

As soon as I returned from our honeymoon in June 2016, I launched into intense studies for my Certificate IV in Celebrancy. I was accepted and registered as a fully authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant through the Attorney General’s Department in February, 2017. I set up and registered my business and, since then, I’ve done vow renewal ceremonies, baby naming ceremonies, and many weddings… happily with many more to come!

What makes your celebrancy services different? 

Not only do I provide a choice of signing table and chairs, but I go out of my way to help source any other requirements for my couples. I will reach out to my local connections in the wedding industry, and have sourced wedding stylists, make up artists, hair stylists, photographers, musos and such for wedding bookings. I have also scoured op shops for required bits and pieces, and searched demolition yards for a particular window pane one bride was seeking for her reception table seating plan. I’m frequently on Marketplace looking for any extras that the marrying couple are seeking, such as hay bales, particular tables etc. I even offer up my timber ‘No Photos’ sign and easel, if required on the day.

What’s happening in the next year for you, as a celebrant? 

Amongst the wedding bookings that I have this year, there are a few couples who have booked me from afar, (overseas and interstate), so we have been dealing with most things by email and Skype. I’m really looking forward to finally meeting up with them all and providing them with the ceremony of their dreams.

Apart from that, I am happy to say that some of the weddings that I am getting to officiate this year will be taking me to several lovely venues around the Coast that I have not had the opportunity to visit as yet. There are so many amazing wedding venues around the Sunshine Coast for couples to choose from – it’s seemingly endless. This job takes me to many fantastic locations!


Belinda Tee_Tara Lee PhotographyBelinda Tee_Lisa Pearl Photography

What’s something people may not know about you? 

I have my motorbike licence and own a 500cc motorbike, but I just don’t ride it very much!

You have a completely free day to hang out on the Sunshine Coast. Get out about! Where are you going, what are you doing and who are you with?
My hubby and I love the sun, sea and fresh air, as well as live music, so on a completely free day, we try to hit the water somewhere for a swim or maybe a paddle in the kayaks or on the SUP. After getting our dose of Vitamin Sea and D, we like to head off for a couple of relaxing drinks at one of the many venues on the Coast that host live music. A seafood meal would top it off nicely. Perfect day out!Belinda Tee_Life and Love Photography
Images by Dream Bella Photography, Life and Love Photography, Lisa Pearl Photography, Love Bug Photography, Tara Lee Photography.


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