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Tasleema Nigh | A-List Vendor Profile

17th July 2019

For this talented Sunshine Coast makeup artist, weddings are her passion. But that doesn't mean she won't continue to dream about the day she met her celebrity crush Johnny Depp while working on a movie set!

Tasleema Nigh - Heart and Colour

Tasleema Nigh has spent her entire 20-year career honing her craft. Straight out of high school she studied makeup artistry, and went on to work in fashion, commercials, and photographic shoots. She even worked in film, and came this close to doing Johnny Depp’s makeup! 

For the past nine years, Tasleema has lived right here on the Sunshine Coast working in wedding makeup artistry, which she says suits her best. 

“I’ve always loved doing weddings, it’s one day where my work is really the focus and is so admired for years and generations to come in my bride’s wedding photos.” Tasleema explains. 

One thing you can say with absolute conviction is Tasleema is passionate about being a wedding makeup artist. In recent years she has added another passion and skilled service to her business – lash extensions. Nowadays Tasleema’s award-winning lash extensions are highly sought after on the Sunshine Coast. 

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What’s your process on a wedding day? 

I always have my kit ready to go the night before so that I can arrive a little early to get set-up. Setup takes me about 15 minutes to get everything just so…when you’re working for 3-5 hours and you have a strict timeline everything has to be in the right place or I waste time looking for things. Because every location is different setting up the perfect station is always a work in progress! I have a run sheet for makeup so I stay on time and so everyone knows when to be nearby for their makeup application. I make sure I’m organised so I can deliver great results to my brides and clients, I think this makes for a smooth running day for the bride.

What makes you stand out in makeup artistry? 

I think that would be my experience in the industry. I’ve had over 20 years experience in the beauty and makeup industry in all areas be it TV commercials, music videos, fashion shows, weddings, photoshoots, retail counter work, etc. I think I’ve tried it all! I was always told my makeup style was very natural and so here I am now working in the field of weddings where that type of makeup suits best.

Tasleema Nigh - Alan Hughes Phography2
What’s something people might be surprised to learn about you? 

My husband and I met each other online back in 1996 in a chat room. He was in Canada and I was in Australia at the time. I hear some of my couples say they met their partners online and I always tell them our story. Back then it was so new to be meeting people online! Pretty sure that’s when the internet first started to become a common things in homes in Australia.

Once I got to work on the same set as Johnny Depp and met him. The worst part of that was he had his own makeup artist travelling with him (dream job!) so my services weren’t needed, but if he had of needed it I was the go-to girl. To be honest I got into makeup to meet all my celebrity crushes, one of which was Johnny Depp so I feel like I ticked that box off my list! 

You have a completely free day to hang out on the Sunshine Coast. Get out about! Where are you going, what are you doing and who are you with?

When I get free days my favourite thing to do would be to go out to my favourite cafes on the Coast for lunch (breakfast is even better!) with my husband. We’re foodies and have been known to drive far and wide for some good food on our days off. I don’t mind the occasional day of shopping in Brisbane either. But mostly I love hanging out at home with my two Jack Russells. If they were better behaved I’d take them to the cafe with me!Tasleema Nigh - Alan Hughes Photography 

What are the wedding makeup trends for 2019? 

I’m really looking forward to this seasons weddings. I love how each year there is a colour or floral theme throughout the weddings I do. I’ve seen so many burgundy and dusty blue bridesmaids dresses and use of native florals this year. I’m really enjoying seeing all the reference pics from brides of their makeup and hair looks…I see a lot of fresh skin and romantic looks which I love!

What do your happy clients say about you? 

I often hear from clients that I was calm, professional and made their day so easy. They also say the makeup I did for them lasted the day and they looked and felt like themselves but more beautiful!Tasleema Nigh - Bonnie Jenkins Tasleema Nigh - Heart and Colour2


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Images by Heart and Colour, Alan Hughes Photography + Bonnie Jenkins