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Kombi Photo Booth

Let's face it, with our Kombi Photo Booth you get a lot more COOL than just a booth! VW Box Brownie, our Kombi Photo Booth is 100% The Booth. 100% of the time!

Let's face it, with our Kombi Photo Booth you get a lot more COOL than just a booth.  VW Box Brownie our Kombi Photo Booth is 100% The Booth! 100% of the time.

Beautiful warm hand crafted timber throughout, a cushioned wooden bench seat that seats 4 to 5 of your friends, and if that isn't enough seating we have tossed in a couple of ottomans for those extra friends that want in on the action.

And let's not forget our photo booth’s visual COOL outer shell is one of the most iconic vehicles ever built. It’s a VW Kombi and it's an uber COOL Splitscreen Kombi to boot.

Your guests won't just want to enjoy The photo booth, they will be itching to capture their image with our Kombi too.

Our Kombi Photo Booth hire includes:

  • Friendly Kombi Photo Booth attendant
  • Not an ipad set up in sight... VW Box Brownie rocks a Canon SLR digital camera for crisp quality images. 
  • A Mitsubishi Sub dye high quality printer, printing on high quality paper. 
  • Personalised message on classic photo booth strip style prints.
  • Strips are printed in double- one for the guests and one for your supplied wedding album.
  • Full easy to use touch screen operation
  • Black and white or full colour prints at a simple touch of the screen.
  • Hire also includes a styled guest chill out area set up at the rear of Kombi so your guests can kick back and watch all the fun that is happening inside the Kombi on the HD TV that mirrors      the inside action as it's happening and while there your guests are welcome to charge their mobile phones on the quick charge cables provided.
  • 4 large easy chairs, throw cushions and coffee table in the chill out area supplied.
  • LED festoon festival string lighting
  • Illuminated carnival style PHOTOS sign over the Kombi so your guests know exactly where it's at.
  • Wedding Album,  album glue and silver and gold sharpies for personal messages.
  • All Images on disc at the end of the night.
  • Props on sticks and chalk boards, but let’s face it, we know your guests are going to have fun with our Kombi Photo Booth with or without props.

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