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Classy Loos

It's your special day, everything should be classy, including the loos!

You've spent every last waking hour planning out the wedding of the year, so don't forget to provide loos you and your guests will actually want to use!  Our classy loos are odourless, clean, comfortable bathrooms your guests will actually enjoy using.  There's even a full length mirror to ensure everyone looks stunning throughout the night.

Hiring a Classy Loo means you'll have an entire bathroom onsite at your wedding, complete stocked with a loo (of course!), bobby pins, hair ties, deodorant, mints, the works!  Our classy loos are perfect for weddings on properties, large open-air or marquee weddings, because your guests will enjoy the luxe experience from the reception right through to the loos.

Why Classy Loos?  Our Story!

I was at beautiful outdoor wedding here on the Sunny Coast, everything was stunning except for the two ugly portaloos in the corner.  

At one point in the evening I noticed the bride and two bridesmaids going over to the portaloos, one bridesmaid used the torch on her phone so the bride could see, and one bridesmaid held her dress and the door while the bride pees with the door open cause her dress wouldn't all fit in.  

I thought to myself; this insanity must stop.  

I did a thorough search online and could not find any portable toilets that were unique and had character, so I had a crack at building one myself with some talented mates.  My dad builds tiny homes in Canada, so it was fun drawing on that creativity from him.  

Poop + Pee With a Purpose

As a family we want to do this business together.  We use a portion of the profits to help build toilets in developing countries and model to our kids how to help others who don't have basic necessities.  There are 600 million kids who don't have access to safe, clean toilets at their school - this is a cause we are passionate about helping.  So know that your guests will poop and pee with purpose - funds from your event will build safe toilets for those who need them!

You'll also feel good knowing we use only high quality, eco-friendly products in all our classy loos.

Additional Extra

Our Classy Coolroom is another option to bring character and class where a white box is typically present.  Perfect for keeping your food and drinks cold at your outdoor event, the mobile cold room was built with the condenser hidden in the attic so she's quiet, cute and you won't have to tell your photographer to make sure she's not in any photos!  

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