Ways to Relax Before the Big Day

ways to relax before your wedding

Week-of-the-wedding Pampering

I had the most amazing full body oil and aromatherapy massage with a salt scrub four days before the wedding. It doubled as much needed relaxation/de-stress and exfoliation for my spray tan.” – Renée 

That last week before the wedding can become a culmination of stress if you’re not careful to be taking care of yourself. Plan in advance to take some time away from all the weddingy stuff – book a massage, or hair wash, facial (though only one you’ve had before to avoid an unexpected reaction!), exfoliation, sauna or steam.

Some great local options…


Get Your Mind Off The Nuptials

Crazy idea, but sometimes self-care means getting together with all your pals and doing something fun and not so wedding-related. Of course, I’ll be surprised if you can manage not to talk about it, but at least you’ll be doing it poolside at The Cabanas, Noosa, or at a cooking class at Spicers Tamarind Retreat


Regular Self-care

I have a bath and face mask on a Sunday night for an hour. This has been a routine since before I was engaged, but it’s been a great stress reliever.” – Caitlyn 

When you’re in a regular routine of self-care, being relaxed is a habit well-formed. Us women are awfully guilty of dedicating time and headspace to everything but our own wellbeing – we’re total rats that way. Can you believe us?

Regular self-care isn’t the easiest thing to implement and keep up, though if we would only learn to prioritise ourselves, we would send a very strong message to ourselves that above all, we are worth the time and care it takes to fulfil our own needs. One or two hours a week of me-time is ideal – give it a go and see how you feel. 


On-the-day Serenity Session

I got married on Saturday, and invited a meditation teacher to come and take us (me, my bridesmaids, my mum) through a 20-minute guided meditation while we were getting ready.

It was such a highlight of our morning – helped us to take a breath, calm any nerves, and set an intention for our day. That whole relaxed vibe then stayed with us so we’ll throughout our whole day! Highly recommend doing this!” – Claire

Yoga, meditation, or even taking a few moments by yourself to focus and set your intentions for your day will have such a calming effect, you’ll kick off your day on the right note. Both energising and simultaneously calming, even a good stretch will do. Move with intent to feel good, not push yourself beyond your limits, and you will be pleased with the outcome. 


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