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DIY: Wish Bone Wedding

28th November 2013

In finding this fun little DIY, I recalled the time my mother diligently collected actual wish bones in the months leading up to my cousin’s wedding. That’s a lot of cooked chook and coleslaw family dinners, my friends!


It was also a lot of discipline between us kids, because we all usually fought for the privilege of being on one end of the pull-apart with a chance to win that wish. Hey, it was the early 90’s, we didn’t have an iPod Touch to amuse ourselves! 

So the plan for these wish bones was to have them cleaned up, spray painted silver and adorned with a little turquoise bow, then be placed at each reception table setting for the guests to make their own wishes for the happy couple. Sweet! 

I’m pretty sure my mum never reached her goal of collecting 100-odd wish bones to fulfill this wedding DIY. Poor mum, it was a noble goal. If only she had known you didn’t have to consume 100 chickens in the space of six months to give her neice 100 wishes on her wedding day. Nowadays you can make your own wish bones from funky coloured clay! The clever gals at Oh Happy Day! have the full DIY for you.

Now, we may not have had our wishbones on my cousin Lisa’s wedding day, but my sister, Jessica, and I did have super puffy sleeves, silk sashes and flower wreaths, complete with baby’s breath, as flowergirls. This was my first ever experience with a wedding in any way, and I really did fall in love with weddings even way back then! 

Jessica and I relished our honoured roles on our cousin’s wedding day. And I have to say that I, for one, am thrilled the baby’s breath floral wreath is back on trend.