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Best Aisle-appropriate Songs from Triple J’s Hottest 100 2018

28th February 2018

Sunshine Coast celebrant, Beth Stevenson, is obsessed with good music, and she has broken down our national Australia Day staple - Triple J's Hottest 100 and come up with the best songs to walk down the aisle to in 2018.


Amy&Keato-2092Triple J’s Hottest 100 is an institution in our household. It’s a look back over the best songs of the past year, and possibly a last chance to see out the summer with a pool party, a BBQ and a bunch of mates celebrating good music and good times. Now normally, this national music poll isn’t necessarily associated with the wedding biz – more conventional wedding songs are usually played on more conventional radio stations. 

But, as I tell my couples over and over, your wedding day has to reflect you; from your choice of ceremony location, to the florals, to the number of guests, to the music selection – be authentic and incorporate elements that represent who you are as a couple.

If you’re a couple who love music that is a little bit unconventional – maybe it’s dance music or rap, or country – own it and have it as part of your day. When you hear it at the start of your ceremony, it will resonate in your soul, and make you smile! It will calm you, focus you, and bring you back the true you.  

The Hottest 100 has just recently been broadcast, and I’m still buzzing from reflecting on all the good tunes 2017 gave us. These are my top ‘wedding appropriate’ songs to walk down the aisle to – perhaps you’ll find something that rings true with you?

Angus & Julia Stone – Chateau (#3)

A dreamy, floaty song that creates atmosphere and space as soon as it starts. Chateau has a soft intro that slowly adds in a drum beat, which naturally builds anticipation – perfect for a bridal party entrance down the aisle.  “I don’t mind if you want to go anywhere, I’ll take you there”. Queue goosebumps. It continues; “We can go to the Chateau Marmont and dance in the hotel room”. Wanderlust, adventure, carefree freedom… If you’re a couple who have travelled distant lands, this song should be on your list!

Vance Joy – Lay It On Me (#9)

This track starts with an acoustic guitar and a bold vocal, setting the scene of the vulnerability and fragility of love. Atwood Magazine describes Vance Joys songs as “all tiny stories that allow you to visualise the lyrics as they are sung.” True dat, as the listener (your guests) will quickly connect with the singer, and feel the emotions he is expressing. A soft beat creeps, and slowly builds to the pre-chorus at 0:48; “Let me in, everything starts at your skin, so new, your love’s always finding me out”. It’s a powerful, upbeat song that will add a feeling of celebration to your ceremony. 


Ball Park Music – Exactly How You Are (#18)

A more edgy, unconventional song choice here. Ball Park Music fits into the indie-rock category, and this song certainly delivers on that. A steady catchy drum beat mixes with layers of guitars, and a solid vocal, telling a straight-up, no-BS story of love and connection. The singer clearly and simply explains his love for this “deity in a dress” continuing with his heart-on-his-sleeve chorus of “I love you exactly how you are”. The pace and tempo are steady throughout the whole song, making a timed arrival down the aisle unnecessary. You could even have a dual arrival with the aisle with this song, as it’s more a celebratory tune, rather than one to build anticipation. It’s uplifting and euphoric, and certainly a song that will kick start your ceremony!


Kingswood – Golden (#68)

A killer of a track that makes you want to sway your shoulders and get in the groove. Instantly, your guests are in the moment. A soft, airy start is punctuated by crisp clear bells, followed by a light bass line and an understated drum sequence. Subtle lyrics of “Oh I think about it all the time, don’t know why, just hold me closer, so I regain composure”, representing elements of the feelings you’re left with after experiencing a specific emotional experience, such as true love. “Scratch our names into the willow tree, cos we’re making a sign to prove that we are deep love, sure enough, good love”.

The song steadily rolls along, and has a funk that inspires smiles and ignites good times. It’s seductive, but granny-friendly. It softens at the end of the track, and leaves just the vocals lingering in your guests ears, making a smooth transition to the start of your ceremony.

Tash Sultana – Electric Feel (Like A Version cover) (#78)

This powerhouse song from MGMT was originally released in 2007, and Tash Sultana has now added her reggae-inspired blues-y take on it. Her version is played completely by herself, with the aid of a drum machine, an extensive array of foot pedals and multiple microphone for vocal effects. She retains the funk-feel of the original, and adds a feminine touch with high range vocals and smooth guitar riffs. It softens this track, but keeps it alive and kicking, making you want to sway in time with the beat. You instantly want to sing along with the chorus; “Ooh girl, shock me like an electric eel, baby girl, turn me on with your electric feel”.
This track shows your guests that you’re here for a good time – a celebration of fun and feel good vibes!

Guest Author Beth Stevenson

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 3.51.24 pm

Beth Stevenson of I Heart Ceremonies has been a registered civil marriage celebrant since 2009, and has assisted in life celebration ceremonies all along the east coast of Australia. Beth is youthful, fun and vibrant and believes in the joy of celebrating life’s major milestones, such as weddings, baby namings, renewal of vows and commitment ceremonies. 



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