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Terri Hanlon_rings_

When all is said and done, the cake is eaten, the dress is put away, the flowers wilt and everyone goes home. After your wedding day, the one daily reminder you will hold close – I mean, aside from your actual spouse – is your wedding rings. They will be passed down to your children, if you have some, and they will serve as a symbol of your marital union. 

So today I wanted to put out some wedding ring love by sharing these amazing photographs from local Sunshine Coast wedding photographers. The rings in all their differing styles are all beautiful, and I love the creativity behind these images. From atop bouquets and inside books to perched on boots and bow ties, even amidst furniture and ornaments, it’s amazing how many ways these clever folk come up with to make your rings look super cool. 

Above image by Terri Hanlon Photography

Emma Nayler_rings_2   Bliss Photography_rings3Emma Nayler Photographer

Emma Nayler_rings_

Emma Nayler PhotographerAll the love in the world_rings_All the Love in the World Photography

Bliss Photography _ rings_1Bliss Photography by Leah

Bliss Photography _ rings_Bliss Photography by Leah

Stacey Schramm_rings_1Stacey Schramm Photography

Emma Nayler_rings_6Emma Nayler Photographer

Emma Nayler_rings_7Emma Nayler Photographer

Life and Love_Rings_1Life and Love Photography

 Bonnie Jenkins_rings_1Bonnie Jenkins Photography

Bonnie Jenkins_rings_

Bonnie Jenkins Photography

Emma Nayler_rings_1

Emma Nayler Photographer

Emma Nayler_Rings_4Emma Nayler Photographer

Stacey Schramm_rings_Stacey Schramm Photography

Bliss Photography _ rings_1Bliss Photography by Leah

Life and Love_ rings _ 3Life and Love Photography

Katja Anton_rings_AKA Weddings by Katja Anton

Nicky Stone_rings_Nicky Stone Photography

Emma Nayler_rings_3Emma Nayler Photographer

Life and Love_ rings _ 4Life and Love Photography

Life and Love_ Rings _ 5Life and Love Photography


Emma Nayler_rings_5Emma Nayler Photographer

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