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Weekly Round Up

13th December 2013

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Just in case you missed it… 

A holy beautiful styled shoot with gorgeous colour and funky trends, like a bride and groom's cake! 

This week's Sal's School of Biz: How to Treat Photographers Right

A wedding venue that is a perfect blank canvas in the Sunshine Coast hinterland

From Here to Eternity – summer is in the air… Gorgeous beach ceremony styling 

We played THE BEST GAME EVER called Guess whose dog? Featuring the photos of some photographers' furry friends. 

A Maleny wedding film that will have you cuddling up in a loved-up-couch-coma with your honey in three minutes or less

New to The Bride's Tree

Twig & Grace

Flowers create memories. The colour, the texture, the fragrance combine to create an unforgettable moment in time. It's about the little things. The team at Twig and Grace would love to add a personal or nostalgic touch to our wonderful, incredible flowers to make the day uniquely yours.

Photo of the Week

Photographer: Emma Nayler, Couple: Sonja & Adam, Location: Maleny

Just a little something extra for you, because I adore you so much

Don't let your images grow up to be jpegs by Jonas Peterson – a fantastic article detailing why you should actually print and display your wedding photos!

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