Will you Marryoke me?

When trying to imagine a more fun way than the marryoke film to look back on your wedding day, I’m coming up short. What is marryoke? It is a play on words, my friends, by the marriage (pun intended) of the words “marry” and “karaoke”. It’s marryoke. 

Never fear, there is no actual singing involved. This is more of a miming situation. And in the era of musical.ly, there is plenty of opportunity to fine tune your marryoke skills before the big day.

Why let me explain marryoke to you when you can simply watch that there film just above these here words of Carly and Matt’s wedding at Novotel Twin Waters Resort. No further explanation will be required. I’ll give you three minutes or so…. 

Wasn’t that fun?! 

Carly and Matt sang and danced, and roped their whole bridal party and all their guests into singing and dancing to a modern day classic – Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, and cinematographer Bernadette Dfaffin pieced all those little moments together to create a seriously fun marryoke film. I don’t know about you, but I usually need to know the people making fools of themselves to really make the most of the experience, but dang it if this isn’t the best fun to watch in three minutes or less. 

Although… I did keep my eyes peeled for our very own Darienne Davis the couple’s celebrant, who makes a delightful cameo at precisely 2:40

In short, marryoke has this bridal blogger’s tick of approval, so I say go for it! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cringe… but most of all, you will have a whole lot of fun making and replaying this little golden nugget of wedding memorabilia over and over for years to come. Just make sure you choose a song that will stand the test of time! 



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