Photo of the Week

Talent comes in spades for this Sunshine Coast wedding photographer. Tanya Chesterton Smith has been photographing weddings for over ten years, and looking at her beautiful photos it is evident she has not lost an ounce of enthusiasm for her job. If you ever get the chance to meet her, you will see the love for what she does in her eyes, and feel the genuine warmth and caring for the people whose day she is a part of. 

All of Tanya's work is amazing, but I'm sharing this particular photo with you as photo of the week, because the moment captured is gorgeous – the eye-lock moment, and their happy little shared expressions of contained glee. At least, that's what I imagine. We'll never know what these two are thinking in this moment, but I'm sure they can read each other's minds. They just look like that kind of couple. What's more, this picture is just so pretty! The lighting is to die for, and I love that there is nothing typical about this Sunshine Coast beach access photograph with those iconic trees forming an archway over the loved-up newlyweds. The purple flowers add that splash of colour that really sets off the lucious green of the grass. 

This bride and groom had a beach wedding at Surf Air, Marcoola, and the photographs were by

Chesterton Smith Photography


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