Photogs and Dogs – The Big Reveal

This morning I asked you to guess which sensationally photographed dog belonged to which super-dooper Sunshine Coast photographer. Now it’s time for The Big Reveal. Did you guess correctly?

Sid + Lola belong to Katie Takes a Picture

“Every now and then I bribe my dogs with cheese and in exchange, they tolerate me doing pretty much anything with them for a few minutes. Because I am a documentary style photographer at heart, sometimes it’s nice to stretch my brain in the other direction and photograph them in a posed way – but definitely not in a light and fluffy way. They have grown up in front of the camera, which makes them very easy to photograph – they definitely let me know when they’ve had enough though! Bless them.”


Pepper and Bueno are the fur babies of Emma Nayler Photographer

“My dogs are my babies. They are part of our family, and we makes sure they are always safe, happy and content! Their cute little faces and hilarious antics light up my day!”

Marley’s best pal is Shawn from Love and Water Photography

“Every morning Marley wakes us up at 5am so we can go to the beach. He recently travelled Australia with us in our troop carrier. Adam and I could watch him fish in rockpools for hours – his crimped ears have been known to melt hearts. We go out of our way to make sure he’s a part of everything we do.”

Seattle is new to Lani Carter‘s beautiful family

“Bulldogs are the coolest freaks, she suckles her blankie to go to sleep.”

Benny is a full time snuggler with Terri Hanlon

“I have so many shots of my dog! He’s a gorgeous little guy!” 

This particular photo was taken by Terri’s lovely photographer friend, Amanda Cocetti. 

Bella is part of Andrea Sproxton‘s family

“I love how protective Bella is of my kids, she adores them and loves playing with them.”

Pixie is still beloved by her mum, Bonnie Jenkins

“As an animal lover I always wanted a dog, but as we grew up on acreage surrounded by wildlife my parents never let us get one. Years later Pixie came into our lives and we were all smitten. She was a smart Jack Russell, who ruled with an iron paw. Everyone said we were all a bit over the top with her but she brought us all so much joy so we don’t regret a single second of the amount of love we gave her. Sadly Pixie left us a few years ago and not a day goes by that I don’t think about her. I feel so blessed to have had such an amazing being in my life, and for all the pain of losing her, our lives are certainly so much richer and brighter from having had her in it.”

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