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Pinboard Love: Lu Lu Letterpress

6th April 2016

Letterpress printing is a luxe labour of love all but lost to digital printing. This local Sunshine Coast stationery designer is making it her mission to bring it back.

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Monogrammed Minimalist Wedding Stationery Suite

20th July 2015

Sometimes it’s nice to dress it down. A clean and minimal wedding invitation design with a stand out monogram adds a touch of prettiness and takes simplicity to next level classy.  Wedding stationery designers The Wondery used gorgeous linen textured card stock and gold foil stamping on this stunning invitation set. Custom designed for Anna and Grant’s wedding. 

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Hola Gorgeous Stationery

12th May 2014

I’ll let you in on a little secret about the stationery suite from the Mexican-themed styled shoot in our latest magazine… this suite was actually created for the designer’s own Mexican wedding!  The invitation suite by newlywed Lisa of Ivy Invite jumps head first into the Day of the Dead theme. At first this may appear to be a morbid theme for a wedding, but in fact this is a huge fiesta in Mexico strongly connected to their most sacred religious holiday and is all about gathering together with family.  The suite features rustic etched pine with Mexican skulls and pineapples, along with a…

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Awesome Stop Motion Wedding Invitation!

4th May 2014

When Ipswich couple, Bronnie and Sam, got engaged, they wanted to put together a fun and unique wedding invitation that represented their relationship and personalities and helped their guests get a taste for the kind of event they are in for when they attend their Sunshine Coast wedding at Maison La Plage Grove on Noosa’s Main Beach in February. Bronnie and Sam came up with a super cool concept and enlisted the help of their good friend, Benjamin Danville Photographic Artist, to take approximately 1.5 gazillion images of the cute couple frolicking at the beach. Ben then stayed up to…

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Guest List Tracker Printable Planning Tool

3rd December 2013

Keeping track of your guests has never been so easy. We have free for you, my lovely Sunshine Coast brides, one document that will see you through from sending the invitation to sending your thank you cards. BAM – successful guest liasing. Keep track of who has been sent an invitation, who has responded “yes”, who has politely declined, what they gave you for a present and check off when you have sent them a thank you note.  Our printable planning tools are free for you to download and print. 

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When To Send Your Save The Dates, Invitations and Thank You Cards

15th October 2013

Depending on the length of your engagement and the size, and therefore planning involved in organising your wedding, the notice you give your guests will vary. There are several things to take into consideration. Firstly, give yourselves a realistic planning timeframe. Secondly, consider your guests – will they have to travel to attend your wedding? If so, you will need to allow them time to save the money to come, and make arrangements for time off work, accommodation and travel arrangements. Working on a twelve-month engagement period, which is the norm these days, the following is a basic guideline. ////…

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The Great Gatsby-inspired Wedding Invitations

11th June 2013

Everybody knows you don’t need an invitation to a party at Mr. Gatsby’s house, unless of course you are a very important person, and you are requested to attend for a very specific purpose. For example, to witness the marriage of some very special people, who, among their many admirable qualities, happen to have fabulous taste in stationery.  Whoa Nelly, are we L.O.V.I.N.G this stationery set, inspired by The Great Gatsby! It was designed by the super clever, Ivy Invite. If you’re not planning a full Great Gatsby-inspired wedding, I’d like to suggest this would make a simply fabulous engagement…

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