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Mobile Suit Showroom | Groom Fashion

24th July 2020

Due to the effects of Covid, the Sunshine Coast's own Suits Direct have moved their showroom to be a home-based and mobile business. Book your personal fitting today!

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How Fancy is Your Fella?

15th March 2015

When you walk down that aisle in your amazing dress, your groom will meet you in his finest. The big question is, what exactly does his finest entail? Perhaps it’s a full three-piece suit with the perfect accent of a boutonniere you have helpfully prearranged with your florist? Your hipster fella might be the bow tie and braces type with his cute bold striped socks tucked away there, ready to make their appearance later on when the bridal party photos begin.  //// If it’s a beach wedding, your handsome man may even just be wearing a nice pair of slacks…

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More Shooting the Breeze…

31st July 2014

Yesterday we released our latest free online bridal magazine, which features a series of interviews with some of the wonderful (and some might say ruggedly handsome) men of the Sunshine Coast wedding industry. We thought it was about time we gave some attention to the fellas, so we took them out to The Yacht Club Mooloolaba for the day, Wholehearted Studio dressed them in some funky nautical fashion from Yd. and set sail.  //// Since there were far too many awesome photos of these now part-time models to fit in the magazine, we wanted to share some more with you today. You can view…

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Suit Up

26th May 2014

Today we have a guest blog post from the lovely Tammy Fox Suits Direct, Mooloolaba. As the owner of Suits Direct, Tammy is abreast of all the latest trends for groom and groomsmen fashion, and here she answers some pressing questions about picking a suit and accessory trends for men.  /// What are the most important things to consider when picking out a suit? When you are choosing a wedding suit there are several key factors to consider. I believe the first one is the overall style and colour theme of the wedding. The wedding theme should be reflected throughout the…

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One for the grooms… Fit your suit perfectly

20th March 2013

How many weddings have you been to where the groom and groomsmen let down the team by turning up in ill-fitting suits they have (bless them) made a noble attempt at choosing all on their own. Sending your groom and his groomsmen off to a department store to pick out suits, without so much as a measuring tape,  has disaster written all over it. So in the spirit of cleaning up the act of every last well-intending, yet clueless, Sunshine Coast groom, we have asked seasoned professional, Tammy Fox of Suits Direct to give us the skinny (and not so skinny…) on what…

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Gorgeous Grooms

29th October 2012

Almost every photographer we ever speak to says that their favourite photograph to capture at a wedding is the face of the groom when he sees his bride for the first time on his wedding day. In front of all his family and friends, he cannot hide his reaction to the beautiful sight beheld.  Whether it be tears or glee, the reaction is an emotional one that brides absolutely delight in reliving later on when they gaze upon their beautiful wedding albums. Especially the fortunate Sunshine Coast brides who have been clever enough to hire one of our amazing Sunshine…

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