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25 Not-so-Weddingy Wedding Songs

29th July 2020

This playlist of not-so-weddingy wedding songs goes out to the lovers, who are lovers of great music and see their memory-making moments set to a less than traditional soundtrack. Songs to walk down the aisle to, first dance songs, this playlist could cover them all.

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First Dance Playlist

8th October 2013

If you’re still looking for that perfect song to bust a move with your brand new hubby for the first time, we have some inspiration for you today. The wonderful folks at Cut a Rug have helpfully put together a selection of their fave first dance songs in a convenient playlist.       

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Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

2nd September 2013

Your wedding songs might have you tearing up, laughing with joy, or dropping it like it’s hot. Or, all of the above! The most important things is they should evoke some kind of emotion from you and your betrothed.  We recently asked Sunshine Coast brides-to-be and past brides to share their walking down the aisle song choices with us, for inspiration if you’re still undecided. The one thing we learnt when going through the responses is that Sunshine Coast couples have rather varying musical tastes! So here’s a little something for everybody:  Relaxed, Sweet Songs  Forever, Ben Harper – Melissa…

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Wedding Crooner

16th April 2013

Wayne Wiltshire is not just a wedding singer. Oh no, he’s a wedding crooner of the most suave variety! He looks like Daryl Braithwaite and sounds like Michael Buble – what a winning combination!  This versatile entertainer does a solo act for the more mellow occasion and also plays in his Wow Session Band, which is a really high energy musical entertainment crowd-pleasing experience, that adds something extra fun to your Sunshine Coast wedding. We actually really love his Jazz Duo, because it gives you the best of both worlds – the ambient dinner music with crooning galore, and then…

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Spotlight on a Supplier: Cut a Rug DJ

8th April 2013

  Aaron Duncan is a family man, a musical encyclopedia, a super cool guy and an awesome DJ. And not your average DJ, we have discovered. Some things we love about Aaron, or as he is more commonly known as Cut a Rug DJ, is that he has style, oodles of experience (17 years of DJing, in fact!), and he’s eco-conscious. Aaron will fine tune your musical selections to suit your occasion, be it all the latest funky tunes for in fact cutting a rug, or the smooth stylings of the best jazz and blues crooners for your elegant vintage…

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First Dance Songs for Your Wedding

6th February 2013

The musical selections played at your wedding can really set the tone of the celebration, and none more than your walking down the aisle song and your first dance song, or bridal waltz song. It’s also a moment you will have to revel in the romance of dancing with your husband for the very first time!  If you don’t have a song that’s both meaningful to you as a couple and appropriate for this very important moment in front of all your family and friends, you might be lucky enough to find one to suit your particular tastes in this…

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Choosing Your First Dance

23rd October 2012

Of course you could do the standard hands on one another hips (or dare I say it… butts!) and sway, but then again this isn't actually a Blue Light Disco. Your first dance as a married couple is actually quite sacred, and we think it's really a beautiful touch to a wedding when a bit of effort is put into it.  Whether you're going to go all out or simply do the old sway, you should have a firm plan in place that's you're comfortable with. So which first dance is right for you? The high-energy foxtrot? What about the…

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My Wedding DJ App

25th September 2012

If you have a mate lined up to press play, pause, next for your wedding ceremony songs, you might like to come up with as fool proof a process as you can. The last thing you want at a crucial moment is to have the song cut out, the next song to start too soon, or worse… What if he accidentally skips to the party songs meant for later on in the night, and where "The Only Exception" should be for evoking emotion, you get "Baby Got Back." Not quite so tear-jerking, of course. I've got news for you, my…

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How to Choose Your Wedding Ceremony Music

26th June 2012

Choosing Wedding Ceremony Music For Your Sunshine Coast Wedding Guest blog post by Fiona Roberts, awesome wedding celebrant of Celebrate with Fiona Personalising your music selections is one of the ways you can make your ceremony your own. Music is one of the most important components of your ceremony because it sets the mood for your special day. If playing a version of “Here Comes the Bride” isn’t your style, choosing something more contemporary or personal is perfectly appropriate. Choosing your selections In general, a wedding ceremony has five main pieces to choose selections for: Prelude: Played for 15 minutes…

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